Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gun Control Essay -- Persuasive Essays

In the showing of all the school shootings in the past fifteen years triggerman control has become a more serious issue than before. catalyst control has always been a concern in the United States, further not until the first major school shootings at Columbine full(prenominal) School in Littleton, Colorado did this topic become a world to the American public. In 1999, this massacre left fifteen people late(prenominal) including the assassins. And just recently on March 5, 2001 did the tradition continue, when Charles Andrew Williams killed two classmates, passing many injured in Santee California. School shootings has become a genuinely popular topic in the arguments for gun control. Gun control laws snap on making guns more difficult to obtain, as well as easier to trace (Smith 4). Although, many see gun control as a violation of their amendments. The second amendment in the constitution proclaims that as citizens of the United States, a person has the right to bear arms. Now, this amendment does not apply to e reallyone, those who have been convicted of a felony may not own a gun. One can sweep up three sides in the political battle over gun control. The sides atomic number 18 for gun control, against gun control, or gun control with restrictions. It is all very confusing, but somehow the Democratic and republican parties make it easier for us to understand. In their own words of course, and sometimes they might agree with each other. Sometimes.... The Republican Party be...

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