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John Maynard Keynes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

John Maynard Keynes - quiz ExampleIf the existing aggregate white plague take aim is not adequate to pay back the whole supplied documentary GDP, output will be reduced until real GDP level is equivalent to the aggregate expenditure level (Morton 2003). Thus, according to Tucker (2008), if the existing aggregate expenditure level is not adequate to acquire real GDPs normal level, then the real GDPs equilibrium level will fall at some point below the normal level. If the falling of prices is foreseeed, then to prevent too much inventory accumulations supplies should cut back the supplied quantity, even though they would be eager to submit bigger volumes at the existing market prices (Morton 2003). This scenario is a case of equilibrium merely in the preferably narrow logic that the quantity actually supplied of final goods and services is equal to the quantity demanded (Truett & Truett 1998, 71). The multiplier possible action determines an exact correlation between the rate of investment and aggregate income, given the slight tendency to gull (Morton 2003). Keynes coined the term investment multiplier to refer to that internal factor innate in the economic establishment which transmits, incorporates, and absorbs an outside shock (Truett & Truett 1998, 72).

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Activity-Based Cost Reduction Information in Governance Coursework

Activity-Based Cost Reduction entropy in Governance - Coursework ExampleThe table members are responsible for setting the organizations goals and strategies to carry through them within the given period (Carver, 2011). This requires board members to have full information concerning products and services they intend to produce. The board members are responsible for budgeting for the resources the organization will require in the production of specific commodities. The information most resources required for the production process is essential because the board is aware of exactly what to produce in basis of quality and number of units of each product they will produce (Firstenberg and Schoff, 2009). The information also relates to the time in which the board members expect to raise the required resources and when they will complete the production process. The board will be able to determine the area of the shortage of resources for the completion of the production task for each ac tivity or service and will decide whether to reduce the number of units to be produced for each commodity or whether to tote up more resources in order to produce the targeted quantity (Carver, 2011). Since charitable organizations aimed at meeting specific necessarily of the society, activity-based costing will help the board members to establish a base for mobilizing more resources from financiers of the organization to leave essential goods and services in the society. The work of auditors is to obtain proof of the efficiency in which organization has utilize its resources. The auditors use activity-based costing information set by the organizations board to make a comparison of what the board has actually produced in relation to what the board had planned to produce (Carver, 2011). The auditors will prove the value of each product or service in relation to the expenditure set by the board.

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Ethical Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Ethical Issues - establish ExampleThesis statement An investigation into the Parenting Programs in US prison Systems to assess the ethical issues of conducting these sorts of programs.The function a father to lead his child to become a productive and able citizen in the federation is significant. But in America, around 24 million children do not get enough bid and attention from their fathers (Leving, 2007). Besides, our society is responsible to lead these children towards the right path in their future life. For instance the Council on Responsible Fatherhood situated in Illinois plays the crucial role by conducting parenting programs to tackle this challenge. This Council aims to help the children in Illinois to grow with their fathers. The council is planning to instill awareness among the mass by conducting a number of programs like regional Meetings, Statewide Symposiums etc. One of the missions of the Council is to raise public awareness on the consequences of absence of f athers in a family, and its negative effect on children (Leving, 2007). The most important reason for the absence of fathers in families is short or long term imprisonment. This example proves the importance of parenting programs in US Prison systems.As prisoners lead an quarantined life in prisons, it is important to implement wedding party and Relationship Education Programs under Parenting Programs in Prison Systems. Short or long term imprisonment badly affects father- child/ husband spouse similarity and it is the duty of prison authorities to implement effective measures to improve marital relation through educational programs in prison systems. In the US prison system, there are a number of Marriage and Relationship Education Programs.The Prevention and Relationship Education Program or PREP helps couples to develop tight marriage bonds. The goal of PREP is to negative patterns in marital relationships and to inculcate individual, emotional and

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XML as a programming tool Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

XML as a programming tool - Essay modelDeriving an electronic representation of the paper documents would allow users to view them on a computer screen, quest their print bulges or store them in the database however, to achieve this objective, standard forms for different document types and accompanying style sheets would be required. At present, still most of the exchange of in fix upion in the health care industry is carried out through printed documents that convey the information in two ways the content of the document that contains the words, pictures and other information, and the format of the content that pass ons visual clues for font, font size and location (Sokolowski & Dudeck, 1999).Recently, XML (eXtensible Markup Language), a subset of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), has gained widespread popularity in the health care industry because it provides a mechanism to encode healthcare documents and their types into electronic form, and therefore, has led to t he increase of implementation recommendations in the form of a set of standard DTDs to standardize and match the electronic document requirements in the health care industry (Sokolowski & Dudeck, 1999).DTDs (Data Type Definitions) are crucial for health care information processing as they provide a facility for standardizing formats with style sheets, provide a document information model, provide context for narrative text, and allow for agreement on high-level structures. They describe the structure of the document, the names of the allowable elements, the content of each element type, the structure of the document including the order in which the elements must appear (Sokolowski & Dudeck, 1999).The Darwin discipline Typing Architecture (DITA) is designed to provide an XML framework for developing product documentation and has seen rapid espousal and implementation as compared to other approaches for purpose of

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Planning in the Health-Care Setting Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Planning in the Health-Care Setting - Case Study sampleHealth Information Management was formed by Jackie and Sandra as a partnership firm and consists of 6 other specialists (Elements of a Business Plan).As this market recessional has not been identified so thither are no competitors at all as yet. Therefore, considerable profits can be reaped alone competitors will penetrate in future so the firm should provide cost-effective and premium note services to retain its market share even in future.Presently, there exists an untapped market niche for home wellness care personnel and resources. Hence, the firm has an excellent opportunity to cater to the entire constancy and establish its monopoly before competitors enter the market .Customers expectations and industry standards are based around providing prompt and fictitious character home health care benefits. Market trend seems to suggest growth in future years. propel and premium home health care services shall be provided. Pri ce skimming shall be apply to reap the maximum profits, as demand for these services is unfulfilled so customers will pay the juicy prices. The services should be promoted through hospitals and clinics and shall be provided at homes of patients (Crow & Goldstein, 2003).In addition to Jackie and Sandra, the management team is undisturbed of 2 RRAs and 4 ARTs. The principal partners as well as the specialist staff are super motivated and committed to business growth and betterment. Bryan and others have willingly taken the challenge of providing home health care

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Project environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Project environment - Essay ExampleIn this scenario, the execution of novel technology based infrastructure is intended to improve the general phoner as healthful as its operations management processes. I will present a complete outline of find out tasks and areas those are considered to be problematic from the diagnosis point of view. Moreover, I will also propose the executable changes and improvements that we are able to carry out throughout impertinent technology infrastructure.At the current duration the callinges are facing a lot of problems regarding effective business projects management and reduced cycle time. In this regard, they are facing considerable delays between the project plan and actual implementation. Therefore, businesses are requiring to frequently adjusting company operations to survive in the everlasting competitive market situations. Additionally, to productively handle and manage new information and maintain it all through the corporation is critical to deal with these challenges. Thus, steady, business-wide knowledge share has, as a result, turned out to be essential. In this scenario, businesses apply solutions to collect, manage, and share knowledge. The most common outset application has been in the field of learning and training. Unluckily, usual classroom training plans are very time-consuming and costly to help businesses to tackle out mission-critical information quickly and competently (OneTouch, 2009).According to Efstathiades, Tassou, Antoniou, & Oxinos (1998) companies whose continued origination depends on upholding new, up to date, and well-informed business information need a flexible information sharing platform. Therefore, the business-wide knowledge sharing is one of most important factors. In scenario of latest technology implementation at a company there is need to change or update a lot of factors and business elements. In addition, there are a lot of issues involved in company management and

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Open manufacturing plant in Mexico Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Open manufacturing plant in Mexico - Assignment Exampleherefore, the Packenham stupefy enhances the efficient and effective evaluation of the economic and political environment of Mexico for utmost economic reform.The Packenham Model explains quadruple hypotheses that enable Mexico to make successful economic reforms. The first hypothesis is the Structure of Situation for the Elected chairperson (Political Credentials of President). A President having negative credentials or bad motives will hinder effectuation of successful economic reforms. The Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto of the Partido Revolucionario Institutional is a legitimate president with positive credentials. He focuses on the murder of the ambitious structural reforms and reactivating economic growth after poor start thus enhancing arising of a successful economic reform. The second hypothesis is the Political Party System (Fragmented vs. Consolidated). The political caller system of Mexico is fragmented s ince it has more than one party. The ruling party faces high resistance from the opposition during implementation of reforms especially in the energy sector. The third hypothesis is the Presidential Leadership (Leadership Skill). President Pena Nieto is politically unspoiled hence he is able to convince the congress into making useful reforms. Finally, Consensus in Civil Society- the Mexicans be often in favor of merchandise reforms and there is low resistance. Therefore, there is utmost implementation of market reforms with ease. It is evident that the economic and political environment of Mexico is conducive for utmost implementation of market reforms as warrant by the Packenham Model above.Bargaining power refers market forces that determine the prices of the commodities. Bargaining involves negotiation of prices between the buyers and the sellers of goods and services. The planetary house should set the prices that are suitable for the consumer and is friendly to the produc er through the bargaining power. If the company imposes the charge to the

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Transparency and leadership in organisations Dissertation

transparentness and leadership in organisations - Dissertation Examplendful of the fact that the worlds national economies are inextricably linked and therefore the weakness of one is the weakness of all, global financial and economic alliances and unions called for greater hydrofoil and regulatory compliance from all regional unions. The Middle East and North African (MENA) region is among the regions nigh cited for lack of transparency, with Somalia and Iraq identified as two of the worst-ranked countries in Transparency Internationals Corruption perception Index. While the UAE is far removed from either of these two, it nevertheless is bound by m any(prenominal) commonalities including regional economic, political, and flip-flop agreements. Furthermore, the UAE has been one of the nations which had imbibeed public attention precisely on this issue. Dubai, more than the some other emirates, has been under tighter scrutiny because of the Dubai introduction debt restructuring and the significant slow-down in development projects, even before the US subprime market crisis hit (Afridi & Angell, 2010). The stigma of corruption and lack of transparency is a mark a country could not afford to obtain if it wishes to attract trade and investment from outside its borders. 1.3 Statement of aim and objectives The principal aim of this dissertation is to assess the score to which transparency and good governance have been advanced by organizational leadership in the unify Arab Emirates, as they impact upon the management of projects at bottom the federation. In particular, the study seeks to fulfil the following objectives (1) To trace the diachronic context of the UAEs imperative for transparency and governance (2) To understand the measures that have been instituted and are currently in place to enhance transparency and good governance in the UAE (3) To... The intention of this study is transparency as capable of being seen through without guile or concealm ent open, frank, candid. It is also unavoidable to likewise hash out the concept of concealment. This is because the very concept of transparency is drawn from the absence of concealment. According to Kerfoot, concealment is at the rawness of any dysfunctional relationship between the staff, its customers principally, and its other stakeholders. Concealment breeds distrust, and the lack of trust compromises the success of any attempt at a productive relationship. This can be a especially disadvantageous relationship, particularly in industries where the organization works in close contact with the customer, such as health deal services and hospital concerns. For the organization to discharge its function well, it cannot afford a situation wherein customers can occur reason not to repose their full trust and reliance upon the firm. The avoidance of concealment, even the very look of it, is therefore to be avoided by a show of full disclosure and the conduct of an open enterprise . The mingled and divergent views on transparency is expected to be reflected in the specific application of transparency programmes within the different companies likewise, the understanding of transparency within the cultural context of the UAE is also expected to differ from that of other countries. This material difference should be taken into consideration during the analysis of qualitative data to be undertaken in this dissertation, so that false conclusions may be avoided by careful qualification.

Economics and Government Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Economics and Government - Assignment ExampleQ4. authorities is as important as economics because it involves the allocation of scarce resources. I believe so because governing design systems that are used in the allocation of scarce resources (Roth 100).Q5. Targeting public transfer programs in the US strikeed public nominate for governing body redistribution by lowering public confidence. There was the observation that resources sink aside for redistribution were being misused hence not benefiting the target public.Q6. Canada has income redistribution through minimum takings. Minimum wages target low earning individuals and reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. Minimum wages does not affect public support for government redistribution in the same way. This is because income redistribution has resulted in the public gaining confidence in the government since there is an improvement in living standards.Q7. Public insuring of healthcare expenditures in Canada has the e ffect of increasing support for government redistribution because it reduces the burden of paying for healthcare. The case is different in the US because the public bears the burden of screening healthcare costs. Health insurance represents a form of government redistribution because everyone is able to have access to healthcare free of charge at any public healthcare center (Mankiw 24). This is a big come up to because a large portion of the population is unable to have access to healthcare services as a result of high costs.Q8. A decline in privy sector unionization is an indication that the public has confidence in the government hence supporting government redistribution (Deming 11). In the case of Canada, declining private sector unionization has the same effect on public support for government redistribution.Q9. Great inconsistency refers to the process through which European countries overcame growth constraints to become the wealthiest nations

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Key Military Strategic-leader Competencies Essay

Key Military Strategic-leader Competencies - Essay ExampleAt antithetical stages of ones career, an individual has to exhibit certain set of skills and qualities, which make him, stand out bid nobody else. He has to portray the best of his character and bring out what is not present in the rest of the populace. He has to lead by example, a thing which people of present times normally lack and which is not that easily found in our society. Similarly, at the top level within military it is very significant to have a clear mind whereby the person can think dash beyond his meeting as well as ask of his army to carry out his commands with profoundness and wisdom. Needless to say, a leader at a senior position within the military has to understand that he is the ultimate boss and without his proper vision and goals, in that respect can be no former(a) person to fill the void which would be created if his thinking and mindset are just not there in the right place . There have been ma ny a number of individuals who have had exceptional talents, both in the field of sports as well as a number of other arenas of manner but here we will focus on the role of leaders within the military and that to a fault on very strategic positions . These people have ascended on the ladder of success with sheer unstated work and commitment, which in its essence, is the key to attain and achieve success and fame.

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LinkedIn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

LinkedIn - Essay ExampleThe net growth of net income is different from net revenue. The interaction amidst cost and the net revenue results into the net income. In 2014, the company received the highest income but the cost incurred increase considerably, and the level of income decreased thus causing losses. In the year 2010, there was an exemplary growth in the income accrued as a result of the vast growth of income and the costs were slightly minute. The prices increased in 2014 by a significant and substantial percentage since the company had to incur enormous sale costs in an effort to make more sales. The company was growing significantly fast. Consequently, the administration costs increased.Sales, merchandising and product breeding costs mark the most significant costs of the company. The sales and marketing costs help the company be incurred when the company seeks to publicize the product thus improving sales. The costs embroil promotional costs like commission paid to sa lespersons and delivery costs. The product development costs are incurred when updating the features of the existing product to make it more appealing to the customers. This increases the likelihood of the customers to buy the product. The product development facilitates the necessary growth of the company (Sherman 67).In 2014, LinkedIn members could be classified according to the countries where LinkedIn has established its operations. Such countries involve USA, China, Mexico, United Kingdom and many other countries. In the previous years, the number of members was only substantial in USA and very few in other Nations. The insignificant number of members outside USA make it difficult to estimate the number of members in each

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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategic clement Resource Management - Essay ExampleHorizontal go bad refers to the congruence among various HRM practices (Baird & Meshoulam, 1998), and vertical fit refers to the alignment of HRM practice with strategical management process of the firm (Schuler & Jackson, 1987). Several approaches have been developed to strategic worldwide human resource management and each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. The following section will period the various approaches and aims to compargon and contrast these approaches. surfacees to Strategic International Human Resource Management There are four main approaches to strategic international human resource management. These include a) Strategy Focused Approach Some authors are of the view that human resource management and strategic HRM are the same. Authors look at that the personality of HRM is strategic (Dowling, Festing, & Engle, 2007). However this view has not been intelligibly accepted by a number of a uthors and it is believed that strategic human resources and HRM although might be similar in a few aspects are not the same. This approach focuses on the strategy based view. b) Decision Focused Approach Authors like Tichy et al express that in that respect are three main levels of management. These they explain include, the long term, i.e. strategic, medium term, i.e. managerial and the short term, i.e. operational (Dowling, Festing, & Engle, 2007). Authors believe that the functions of human resources that are completed at strategic level together form strategic international human resource management. However there have been arguments that the managerial or also the operational level of human resource functions are more so the... This paper stresses that several approaches have been developed to strategic international human resource management and each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. The following section will enlarge the various approaches and aims to co mpare and contrast these approaches. This report makes a conclusion that some approaches clearly include variant views of the organization and also take into account diverse aspects of the organization which jock give rise to the strategic human resource planning. Here it is important to note that although most of these are interlinked the main difference among them is the record of the approach. Each approach takes into account various elements of business and on how the strategic international human resource management is developed within the organization. The author talks that it is also important to note here that these approaches are based on six main elements which include, a) The transformation of the human resource staff and structure, b) improving the boilers suit administrative efficiency, c) creating a sync between human resource and strategic planning process of the organization, d) creating a fit between the human resources practices and the business strategy itsel f, e) taking into account the impact of the human resources on the business and also f) development of relationship with the line management. These elements clearly indicate all the areas that together help in the development of Strategic International Human Resource Management. Although all the approaches might be different and might undertake different areas to develop the human resource management, the main crux of all the approaches is clearly the above mentioned six elements.

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Write a management report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Write a forethought report - Assignment Examplea key agent to the growth of the recompense and thus it was recommended of creating an environmental friendly ecosystem which was further enhanced by usage of wind to generate more energy to centre to the power grid.Jiminy peak, a snowboarding and traveling resort found in the Berkshire good deals of the western parts of Massachusetts is the largest resort of its kind in the states of southern New England. Founded in 1948, its offers skiing and snowboarding, outdoor activities such as Mountain bike riding and many more sporting activities. It gained four season resort status in the year 2005 symbolizing its growth. It is strategically placed between few of the biggest cities around, for example, it is just three hours away from capital of Massachusetts and New York City and about an hours drive from other major cities such as Springfield, Massachusetts and Albany.Jiminy Peak has grown to become one of the most important ski desti nations due to some key factors that play to its favor such as its strategic location between such gigantic cities, the good managerial decisions being under taken within this organization leading to its much deserved development. Another factor that makes Jiminy Peak to be a key attraction is the fact that it is very vast, purely because of the developments that have taken place leading to so many activities being incorporated in these 170 acres. The number of snowboarding and ski trails totals to forty five, has three terrain parks six person chairlifts of high speed and nine lifts.Much of the victor of this resort is attributed to the marketing teams, who have been able to market the resort and make it accommodate high meter of sport activity lovers even in the summer. For this purpose, the resort has set up a mountain coaster, the jump resort to do so in the whole of the East Coast, they have also managed to put up more summer sport devices such as alpine super slides, gigan tic swings and more activities such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, scenic

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Maximisation of profit Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5500 words

Maximisation of profit - Article ExampleWhen wee groups of large number come together and work on a project, they invariably apply to analyze as to what their mission and goal are. Organizations are usually classifies into different types like public sector (Central presidencys, state government run offices, schools, colleges, public welfare systems), private sectors (small business partnerships, limited companies, cooperatives, multinationals etc.), Quasi-Governmental presidential terms, Organizations in the charitable sector and regular the churches and trade unions can be referred to as organizations. (N.Kumar, 1997) Hence, every organization issues a mission statement, which includes the purpose of scenery up the organization. In social sciences, organizations are perceived from different dimensions. The general study of how an organization industrial plant is termed as organizational behavior or analysis. The whole of organizations behavior revolves only around one aspec t-its goal. each organization should have, irrespective of the field it operates in, a distinct goal. (N.Kumar, 1997)A goal, not only gives them a precaution of persuasion, but excessively gives the much required motivation to the employees to work towards it, thereby helping them achieve their dominance along with the companys growth. Likewise, a conceived state of an organization in a stipulated amount of time is referred to as Vision. Vision is exceedingly crucial for an organization as it gives a glimpse of the state of the organization after a sure period of time to the employees and stakeholders. Vision can be taken as a benchmark for the companys performance in the future and can be used for comparison of various results recorded by the company. (Davenport Hines, 1990)Private-owned organizations usually have profit-maximization as their sole objective. (Susan Grant, 2000)However, many economists have different views over how an organizations objective should be formulat ed. Different people have come up with different theories over the issue of organizational objective. Many of them clashed, many of them overlapped and impertinently theories were born out of the overlapping theories, but a general consensus is achieved that profit-maximization should be the sole objective organization though other objectives cannot be safely ascribe aside. In this dissertation, Id like to analyze the various theories put forward by economists and then draw a suitable conclusion from the same. I will also be studying a few patterns of various industries by taking certain specific examples of how a few companies overcame different situations keeping in their minds profit-maximization as their sole-objective.Literature ReviewAs said above, it is absolute for an organization to identify its objectives before venturing and investing resources into the venture. So what is/are the goals a financial manager in a company will seek. In the first impulse, the only objectiv e, which comes to, the mind, is profit maximization. Any business endeavour aims at earning profits hence, it may be argued that profit maximization should be the sole objective of the organization. It is complimentary to say, that earning profits sustains the companys existence and can motivate the company to expand its market and

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On the brink of war Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

On the brink of war - Coursework ExampleCharter. Another example of logos was the statistics which showed the sum of money pass by the administration. Byrd thought it was dismal, because this administration has squandered a large projected surplus of some $5.6 cardinal. Furthermore, in this speech we can observe a few examples of ethos, when the Senator made references to authorities. The distinguished Senator from Illinois, Mr. Durbin, and I adopt been talking about that. However, the most numerous are the examples of pathos, to my mind. There entrust be children, little boys and girls dying if this war goes forward in Iraq. And American men and women will die, too, and on whom will we depend when these men and women are gone to foreign lands to fight a war if a war faces us here at home, a different kind of war and others.The whole speech was found on the Toulmin method of argumentation. There was a clear split between sides. The Senator neither gave neutral statements, nor analyze the opposing side. On the contrary, all his claims were highly judgmental, focused on strengthening his viewpoint. Byrd underpinned his thoughts by data, warrants and backing. The idea of enter a new war was ominous for him. We may have massive military might but remember we have had massive military might before. How many millions of men marched to the drums of war only 60 years ago? Thirteen million American men under

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As momentum gathers Essay Example for Free

As caprice gathers Es pleadAs we know from Act 1 throne has committed criminal conversation with Abigail Williams, at this spirit level Elizabeth has not forgiven him, sees Abigail as a threat, and does not trust outhouse She has an arrow in you yet JohnJohn does try to make it up to Elizabeth but is it only when they are both threatened with termination/imprisonment that they both really show their love for each other.JohnI will fall like an marine on that court In addition, when they are both in prison He pats her make it she covers his hand with hers. capital of Oregons problems begin when Abigail along with her cousin and friends are seen dancing and practicing voodoo in the forest. In an attempt to get under ones skin them selves out of trouble (as both are very sinful actions) the girls accuse others in the partnership of witchcraft. As momentum gathers, villagers turn against each other in a desire to save themselves but similarly use the situation in a vicious attempt to settle old scores. John having verbalize to Abigail Williams before the accusations started knows that Abigail has lied, because when he told her that the town was rumbling witchcraft and replied oh posh We were dancin in the woods expiry iniquity and my uncle leaped in on us. She took fright thats all.John hesitates to speak out because he is afraid of publically admitting his adultery and the effect it will score on his good name and his relationship with his wife and friends. Here he is showing no goodness at all because he is putting his self-preservation above averagey and what he knows he should morally do. His fear is allowing unjust and untrue accusations to continue.By the time he comes to his senses and tells the truth numerous pile have been imprisoned including his own wife (who is there because of Abigail Williams maliciousness and desire to have John to herself) and some have already been hanged. It is too late to undo the wrong and too late to dism iss it continuing.John and Elizabeth are re-united in prison after three months separation and their relationship has changed. It is now honest and they both have more goodness. Elizabeth forgives John for his adultery by admitting that she was cold within the marriage I counted myself so plain, so poorly made, no honest love could come to me I never knew how to say my love. It were a cold house I kept You take my sins upon you She also goes against her strict religious principles and lies thought process this will save her husband but it has totally the opposite effect.John does not think he is worthy enough to die like his friends because he serene feels guilt for his sins I stoogenot mount the gallous like a saint. It is a fraud. My honesty is broke, I am no good man, Nothings spoiled by giving them this lie that were not rotten long before So he begins by confessing that he saw the devil but then Elizabeth forgiveness makes him realise that this is the wrong moral decision b ecause it would be calling his friends liars. He will now die but has chosen the truth at get For now I do think I see a shred of goodness in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to concord it from such dogsThere is a moral story though out the play. If John Proctor had told the community in the beginning that Abigail Williams was lying before the situation had escalated I think the fate of the whole of Salem would have been very different. If he had not have committed adultery he would not have hesitated. He did not have the courage to be judged for his sin and as result allowed innocent people to suffer.I think that John and Elizabeth Proctor are heroes because they were killed for their friends and religion and were killed for something they did not do but still took the punishment.To summarize I would say that John now has his Goodness because he has told the truth at last and Elizabeth feels she has no right to influence his morally correct decisi on in any way. He can therefore he can die a good man, with his conscience clear, ready to meet God.

My views on the future Essay Example for Free

My views on the future day EssayThis radical presents a concise overview of my views on the future. My personal tidy sum get out be based on watercourse socio-economic trends being exhibited within my surroundings, lifestyle trends, individuality and community. Lastly, the mountain being presented in the succeeding text will be explained as to why it is necessary for this romance to be actualized. This paper is focussinged on my vision for my state of matter of origin. It is my firm belief that my earthmen would not give up on their realm and my fieldmen hold up the capacitance and will build an empowered country. This can be achieved by a continued commitment of everyones collective genius, passion and strength in accordance to being satisfactory to put to order the gravitas and actualize the capableness of the poor and powerless for excellence (Thinking About the Future). This is based on the fact that everyones spirit as a nation is acclivitous and is becom ing strong again. It has been ascertained by every man woman and child that is part of this my country has the capacity to liberate himself/herself from the shackles of the past, the tag that has hounded them for generations, and the mark of a third world country stamped all over the nation.They have the capacity to bring to pass law abiding, truly big(a)working, honest and excellent in everything that they commit themselves to do. My country can have a sustainable environment and can constitute a firm foundation for the future of this nation. We can except our capacity to propose dignity to most of our countrymen in the future. It is my personal vision that our country can provide equal opportunity to all of our countrymen, thus providing them with the capacity to empower themselves and give them more(prenominal) choices in life. It is a proven fact that the writers countrymen are not known for their laziness.T has been identified that when compared to some other ethnic gro up in other countries. Their determination in order to achieve financial stableness in other countries can be seen in their ability to do seemingly impossible tasks such as taking two and even three jobs at a inclined period. My countrymen are bad tested, they are hardworking when they are highly motivated, they resilient when they are tested ( tonality neighborly and governmental Trends). We have to believe that our country is destined for greatness and that they deserve more than what is catamenialy being accorded to them.We must believe that we were designed for excellence. All around the world, doctors from my country heal the sick. The seamen originating from my country continually dominate the seas in whatever mode of marine transport either for commerce or for pleasure. Even in the palmy economies carry the mark of my countrymen bearing the managerial expertise for the international corporations (Thinking About the Future). On the other hand, although we are top of t he line, creme de la creme and can be considered as the best of the best in other parts of the world however it is exactly the opposite in the my homeland.But even as Globalization has created venues where the most promising of my countrymen are presumptuousness the opportunity to grow, large majorities are still odd behind (Ideas about Manipulating Nature). If the country can ever be rescued from this endless poverty and plight, it is important for everyone to stop this inanity and hypocrisy. This country should step up and stop cracking jokes about the perpetual shame and misery our countrymen have continually experienced and endured.Instead of what was previously mentioned, our countrymen should be able to lionize with our hard work and integrity the coming return of our countrys dignity and our countrys honor and pride as a gifted people, blessed by God with this blessed and ample country. This country and its countrymen should be able to honor each and every honorable and nationalist deed, every near and unselfish sacrifice, and every uncompromising kindness that this countrys populace has given to our brethren that are deprived and are in need of live on and companionship (Thinking About the Future).It is important because to finish erst and for all this on going lamentation. The country and its people have undergone so ofttimes suffering for as farseeing as all of our countrymen can remember. For more than a four centuries this country has been clenching its teeth for change, always blaming each other, bringing each other down in order to do their selfish vendettas and more than that continued to superman God as the main reason for all the countrys problems and tribulations (Key Social and Political Trends).Now is the time for this countrys people to focus on collaborative work, unity and collective effort into bringing this nation back on its feet. It is authorized that there is a capacity for this nation to rise up once again if there i s a continued option for this nations people to nurture this emerging spirit or re-create faith and resilience. In order to do so, this country can show cope by being able to express their love for the almighty by being able to provide the necessary nourishment for our countrymen.This kind of paradigm shift is mainly about being able to provide the necessary love and justice to provide in a country that a strong majority of this countrys population have no proper shelter and millions more are living in bathetic homes shanties where they face hunger and are exposed to disease on a daily basis. Corruption is overriding within the government and even with corporations, the environment has nevertheless to reach a point of sustainability that can see a brighter and sustainable environment for our future(Key Social and Political Trends).This country would be able to pop off from its bondage of this current paradigm if we have a collective Unitarian line of thought, if we see our children as heir to their own riches but in actuality are the heirs of our countrys present and future. It is just with a shift in mindset that people consider the poor as their own, they are able to see Christs being within each and everyone and within their family and see a potential for heaven on earth for every of our countrymen that can be emancipated from this current paradigm ( life-style Trends).The vision for the future looks bright as people are given proper homes, sustainable environments to support their daily needs, and communities where they can live in, they are given the proper dignity that they deserve and provide a spark within them in that can be used as a jumping point for other initiatives for progress and a change in lifestyle amongst the people. Confidence and self-respect of our countrymen that are given the appropriate shelter and homes are returned and is increased dramatically (Lifestyle Trends).Their initiative to do more and legal jobs and roles are in creased and they have a generally positive look towards the future. The desire of our countrymen to have more legal and equivalent lifestyles is equally amazing. It is clear that the spirit of the poor will be continually rising because of the reason that all of us consider everyone part of a larger chain and that everyone is acknowledged as an equal no rich, no poor, everyone is given the dignity they deserve (Key Social and Political Trends).Everyone is given a chance to live as humans. More than just houses, medical groups are also on the move in creating not just houses but at the same time hospitals and medical centers on hand(predicate) to all and those that do not have direct access to medical services. This kind of love for our country has already dissemination throughout the world due to our countrymen overseas. It is with this that we can utilize effectively globalization and engineering science to bring our countrymen working overseas home closer.Our countrymen that a re working abroad are now kickoff to deliver a stream of financial support that will further augment further our current economic standing. All the signs of development are evident and are happening now. Christians around the communities of our countrys Moslem groups have set aside their inhibitions and misconceptions and initiated community development projects with our Moslem brethren for unity and collective effort.Students of our colleges and universities are going out of the classrooms to learn about life and what Love for God and Country really instrument as it is applied in our nation (Lifestyle Trends). Local government units are already hard at work in conducting massive infrastructure projects in unison with other Filipinos, rich or poor, Christian or Moslem in order to further stem out the impaling poverty that has racked this nation for a give away half of its history (Ideas about Manipulating Nature).The offspring right away have a greater responsibility in this. I t is my vision for the youth of today to take up the call of nation-building. The youth of today have the option and the opportunity ready for the taking in order to correct the mistakes that were through by the previous generations. They have the opportunity in order to build a far better future that is full of hope for this country. They can be neophyte political leaders that can function the seemingly perpetual graft and corruption that has plagued our nation and can gain support from the people.The youth of today can be tomorrows business leaders that create profit by employ their conscience and their faith in God as their basis for doing business, they can provide jobs to the needy yet experienced and give them the opportunities for further development that they deserve. I believe that we as a nation and its countrymen have agreed our core values shamed our fallen heroes and have continually tolerated the incompetence of our corrupt leaders long enough. We have compromised o ur ethical values based on a religion that does not consider compromise as part of its religion.This country has lowered tremendously its standards and has continually seen poverty and gave it a blind eye. This country has lost its grip over its future and its people have started to choose despair over hope. It is my vision that my countrymen can stand up and fight. It is my personal vision that my countrymen should be able to confront this countrys enemies, tangible or intangible, foreign or domestic, regardless of the odds. I believe in a future that can further provide a venue for a sustainable environment for us and for our future.In addition, I believe that with the current socio-economic trend, we can be able to fully maximize and optimize the spread of Globalization throughout the world (Ideas about Manipulating Nature). Lastly I believe in the vision that the youth of today are the generation of patriots that will be able to stop this countrys uncontrollable spin towards pov erty and corruption and bring it back to its feet, and breathe life and reinvigorate this once illustrious nation and bring back the pride of its countrymen.REFERENCESThinking About the Future, (n. d. ), University of Maryland University College Key Social and Political Trends, (n. d. ), University of Maryland University College. Lifestyle Trends Individual and Community (n. d. ), University of Maryland University College. Ideas about Manipulating Nature (n. d. ), University of Maryland University College Key Social and Political Trends (n. d. ), University of Maryland University College

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The issues surrounding Abortion Essay Example for Free

The issues surrounding Abortion Essay exempt how a attendant of natural law might approach the issues surrounding Abortion. congenital Law, as sketch and enforced by Thomas Aquinas, says that every living thing has a purpose, and that every solution to a dilemma and every action tummy be solved by reasoning, which will gain you crowning(prenominal) happiness. This Is linked with Aristotles idea that everyone has a specific purpose, and the Primary Precepts can help you to achieve your purpose. This is key intimacy to help with the understanding of Natural Law followers views about miscarriage. Human reasoning in all dilemma or problematic situation should be applied to the Primary Precepts of Natural Law. The both(prenominal) of import pedagogys that be concerned in Natural Law with abortion are The Preservation of Life and Reproduction. Generally, conformist to Natural Law, the right action to take would be one that conforms to all the precepts, however with abortion it is not quite as simple.The first Precept to consider when thinking about abortion from a Natural Law followers state of mind would be Reproduction. The precept of Reproduction states that it is always right to gain ground reproduction, and most nearly always wrong to prevent reproduction. Applying this to abortion would result in a follower of Natural Law believing that abortion is wrong. This is because the act of aborting a foetus, or baby, is preventing the act of reproduction, and in that respectfore freeing against one of Aquinas Primary Precepts Preservation of Life. Natural Law does not consider the people touch on or most of the consequences, merely more on the act of abortion itself. Reproduction as know is a Primary Precept of Natural Law, and because the act of abortion stops procreation then it is frowned upon by Natural Law followers.The act of abortion can also disturb the precept of Preservation of Life. This precept states that it is always right to help save or maintain a life, and always wrong to test and intentionally. However this is only if one believes that life begins at conception. Abortion involves taking the life of a foetus that you believe to be a human life, which in turn act against the precept of the Preservation of Life, as you not preserving life, but taking one away.However, at that place are a few exceptions. Aquinas philosophy of Double effect applies these exceptions. Aquinas saw the precepts as absolutely true for every single being, and that development our reasoning can bring us to the right solution in every situation. However there are times when in order to conform to one precept, we must decide to act against another.For moral there is a pregnant woman, however for medical reasons carrying on with the pregnancy would end in her death. She has two choices, one halt the baby and end her own life or two have an abortion and save her own life. The first solution would go against the precept of the Preservat ion of Life, where the second would go against both the Preservation of Life and Reproduction. In this case it is okay for a person to come to a competent solution through reasoning, as whatever happens there will be bad consequences. However, this is only pleasant if the bad consequence is but an unwanted side effect of the action with good intent.All in all, abortion acts against two of the Primary Precepts of Natural Law, which clearly makes it a bad action. Even though there are a few exceptions, these are only in the worst of situations, and on the whole, abortion is simply wrong according to Natural Law.A foetus is not a person Discuss.There are many different opinions and arguments as to when a Foetus becomes a person, and these all play different but key roles into solving many huge arguments. To hope to solve this argument is absurd, however the different viewpoints can be stated and analysed to find the strongest.One way in which to argue whether or not a Foetus is a pe rson is to apply it to the criteria of Personhood. These criteria are suggested by Mary Anne Warren, and are Sentience, Emotionality, Reason, Ability to Communicate, Self-awareness and righteous agency. Conforming to these criteria would pixilated the a Foetus cannot be classed as a person, as it does not depart into any of these criteria.However, later on in the development of a Foetus it begins to fit into some of the criteria, such(prenominal) as Sentience. Could this mean that a foetus slowly becomes a person? Mary Anne Warren suggests that a Foetus is a potential person, but says that it does not have a right to life, which really does not solve any arguments as to whether or not a Foetus is a person.It is also argued that a potential life, as proposed by Mary Anne Warren, does not have any rights or privileges. This would also mean that a Foetus does not have access to human rights, and the right to life. So that begs the question, if something does not have access to human rights, is it a person?

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Ana Code of Ethics Essay Example for Free

Ana Code of Ethics EssayThe ANA regulation of ethics as noticed in the book of Conceptual Foundations as ANAs Code of Ethics for Nurses, 2001 * 1. The maintain, in all affairal relationships, practices with ruth and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, own(prenominal) attri onlyes, or the nature of health problems. * 2. The nurses primary commitment is to the person, whether an individual, family, group, or community. * 3. The nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to nurture the health, safety, and rights of the diligent. * 4. The nurse is creditworthy and accountable for individual c ar for practice and determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurses tariff to provide optimal patient cargon.* 5. The nurse owes the same duties to self as to others, including the responsibility to preserve truth and safety, to maintain competence, and to cover up personal and professional growth. * 6. The nurse participates in establishing, maintaining, and improving health tending environments and conditions of employment conducive to the homework of quality health c be and consistent with the values of the profession through individual and collective action.* 7. The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contri thations to practice, education, administration, and knowledge development. * 8. The nurse collaborates with other health professionals and the public in promoting community, national, and international efforts to meet health needs. * 9. The profession of nursing, as represented by associations and their members, is responsible for articulating nursing values, for maintaining the integrity of the profession and its practice, and for shaping social policy. (Ceasia, Friberg p. 285)DescriptionIn the broadest sense, ethics are the principles that guide an individual, group, or profession in conduct. Although nurses do make independent decisions regarding patient care, they are still responsible to the profession as a whole in how those decisions are made. From the earliest concept of nursing, the proper behavior and conduct of a nurse was closely scrutinized. Florence Nightingale wrote of specific issues of conduct and moral behavior. The Nightingale pledge that was composed in 1893 by nursing instructor Lystra Gretter includes the vow to abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug.Over the last 100 years, nursing has evolved into a very complex professional field. Nurses are now faced with life and death decisions, sometimes on an hourly basis. Medical care has advanced to the point that new technology with its potential returns or harm to a patient changes constantly. Although the private conduct of a nurse is no agelong controlled by the employer, the effects of that lifestyle on the nurses ability to ca lculate and respond to patients in different situations.The discipline of ethics is actually a branch of philosophy. The word ethics is derived from the Greek term ethos which means customs, prevalent usage, conduct, and character. The study of ethics has led to the identification of basic concepts including relation of basic concepts including rights, autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, justice, and fidelity. Understanding these concepts assists the nurse with qualification decisions during exhausting situations.Webster defines a right as something to which one has a just claim or the personnel or privilege to which one is justly entitled. Patient rights have evolved to the point that federal legislation has been passed in the United States to protect a patients individual rights. A Patients Bill of Rights was initially developed by the American Hospital Association in 1973 and revised in1992. All hospitals are now required by lawfulness to inform patients of these rights upon admission to the hospital.Autonomy comes from the Latin auto meaning self and nomy which means control. Individuals must be given the rights to assist in their own decision making. This ethical concept has led to the need for advised consent. Sometimes patients religious or cultural beliefs lead them to make decisions regarding their own care that may appear controversial or even dangerous. However, the concept of autonomy gives them the right to make those decisions unless they are mentally impaired. good-will means to do good, not harm, to other people. Nonmaleficence is the concept of preventing intentional harm. Both of these ethical concepts relate instantly to patient care. In the American Nurses Association Code for Nurses, there is a specific charge to protect patients by specifying that nurses should report unsafe, illegal, or unethical practices by any person. Nurses are often faced with making decisions about extending life with technology, which might not be in t he best interest of the patient. Often the concept of weighing potential benefit to the patient against potential harm is used in making these difficult decisions, along with the patients own stated wishes. The word justice is closely tied with the legal system. However, the word refers to the obligation to be fair to all people. In 2001, healthcare economics have hospitals and other providers stretching their resources to their limits. stinting decisions about healthcare resources have to be made based on the number of patients who would benefit.The potential of confine care to the frail elderly, poor, and disabled creates an ethical dilemma that is sure to become even more tangled in the future. Fidelity refers to the concept of keeping a commitment. Although the word is more closely used to describe a marital relationship, fidelity is the concept of accountability. What is the nurses responsibility to his or her patient, employer, society, or government? Privacy and confidentia lity are concepts that could be challenged under the concept of fidelity. If a nurse is aware of another healthcare giver who is impaired, but the circumstances are private or confidential, how is the conflict resolved? As a general rule, nurses are employed by a hospital, clinic, or private practice. Decisions that are made about patient care are not totally independent. Every decision creates a ripple effect and touches someone else in the health care field.One of the purposes of a code of ethics is to help nurses keep perspective and a balanced view regarding decisions. An example of violation of code of ethics is an 18yr old girl comes into the emergency way with her let and has abdominal pain. The doctor or nurse does not ask the patient if it is ok for the mother to know the entire patients information since she is 18 yrs. old. The mother is under the impression that her missy is not sexually active. When the urinalysis comes back the nurse explains that they are going to do further tests but the abdominal pain is probably due to her being pregnant.The mother is in the room when the news is told violating the patients rights. The professional nursing practices involves working towards the outcomes of safe, quality, evidence based practice and confidentiality. (Styles, A 2008). Overall, I think all nurses try to do the right thing on a daily basis and their decisions are based on a reflection of consequences and moral principles. The ANA helps professional nursing by supporting nurses and providing a framework within which nurses can make ethical judgments and decisions to fulfill their daily responsibilities.ReferencesStyles, A. (2008) The professional nursing practice. http//www.buzzle.com/articles/ethics-in-nursing-jobs-and-profession.html Ceasia, Friberg. (2011) The ANA code of ethics.Conceptual Foundations p.285

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The Nazi dictatorship in Germany Essay Example for Free

The Nazi dictatorship in Germany EssayHow similar were the Nazi dictatorship in Germany and the fascist dictatorship in Italy to 1939?The similarities and dissimilarities of the dictatorships in Germany and in Italy can be identified within 3 aspects how the dictatorships were formed (took power), how they were run, can how they affected civilian sprightliness in Germany and Italy. This essay will offer comparisons in these aspects and come to a summary of the extent and character of their similarity.Both dictatorships were popular dictatorships. Both parties utilise the surging Nationalism in Italy and Germany after WWI, and established popularity by propaganda, rhetoric and attracting promises, like Mussolinis continuation of Giolittis Risorgimento programme and Hitlers promise to overthrow the Versailles Treaty. Both parties exploited the weakness of agree insurance policy-making forces, that is, a lack of democratic tradition in both(prenominal) countries and thus a pic to the influence of radical ideology. The appointment of Hitler by Hindenburg and that of Mussolini by King Victor Emmanuelle were both more of a compromise due to shortage of alternative than a positive victory on the other side.A common antipathy against Communism that pervaded in German and Italian society gave momentum to Nazi and fascist rising. The use of terror was an effective factor for the emergence of both dictatorships. Hitlers Nazi brownshirts and Mussolinis squadrsiti both played alpha roles in eliminating their opponents. The minor difference in the Nazi and Fascist paths to power is most manifest in the influence of WWI. Germany was to a great extent scarred by the economic, military and political penalty as a essence of her defeat. The common hatred and vigilance against other powers gave a negative cohesion to the national psychology, which was magnificently exploited by Hitler. While on the other hand, the appeal of Mussolinis policies was more of an ambi tious imperial nature.The reigns of Nazi and Fascist dictatorships had more similarities than dissimilarities. Power was highly centralized and democracy suffered a complete destruction in both countries. The Reichstag fire in Germany and the issue of a formal decree banning all other political parties in Italy in 1926 destroyed the parliamentarian machinery completely in the two countries. Violence and intimidation continued to be in frequent use to combat opposition. The murder of Ernst Roehm by the SSs and the establishment of the Chamber of Fasces and Corporations obligate on the pseudo-democratic practice of corporatism in Italy were examples for this point. Fascist and Nazi dictatorships both attempted to solve the nations economic problems. ontogeny of heavy industry and infrastructure in Germany and Italy during this period was impressive. Big businesses benefited immensely from Fascist and Nazi economic policies.This also limited the achievement of both dictatorships in d ealing with economic difficulties Nazi economy stayed heavily dependent on imports. Italian Northern-Southern imbalance stayed unsolved. A difference here is that Nazis made use of rearmament policy as a strong impetus for economic recovery. Foreign policies were instrumental in both countries in accumulating support for the dictatorships. Mussolinis victory in the Ethiopian wars brought him massive support. The Anchluss with Austria made brought Hitlers national image to a higher(prenominal) level. In short, both Nazi and Fascist dictatorships were extreme-right ideological rules that were enhanced by censorship and military terrorism. Their unconnected policies were both aggressive and nationalistic, to confirm the greatness of the leadershiphip.The major(ip) difference between Nazi and Fascist dictatorships was on their bearing on German and Italian societies. Though Italian Fascism initially provided a source of burlesque for the formation of national socialism, but the exten t to which it influenced the society was limited in contrast with Nazi society. Benedetto Croce with his outspoken aggression towards fascism would certainly not have survived in Hitlers regime. Anti-Semitism was not as widely spread in Italian society. This is partly due to the uniqueness of stab in the back myth that Germanys failure in WWI entailed. Mussolinis personal image prevailed over his partys.The Fascist party hardly produced any powerful public personalities as Goebbels or Himmler. The presence of Church as a counterforce of the Fascist dictatorship was also a major difference between the two dictatorships. This limited Fascist control over civilian cultural, religious and happy life. Unlike Mussolini whose whole image was no much more than rhetoric and glamour, Hitler viewed himself as a turbid intellectual thinker and substantially influenced social ideology through his thoughts like expressed in his lectures and Mein Kampff. The boilers suit force that united Itali an people was not the negative resistance and a lust for revenge like that Nazi society embodied, but a positive ambition of less depth and weight.Nazism is but a variant of fascism in a heterogeneous circumstance. The political and ideological natures of them are essentially of the same origin the fin-de-sicle philosophies of Social Darwinism, Nietzschean humanism, and revolt against liberal democracy as a continuum of Marxist thoughts. Nazi dictatorship extended the social implantation of fascism because of Germanys different post-war circumstance and social constitution. The difference in the leaders personalities was in minor importance but it differed the practice of certain policies, for example Hitlers invigoration of Anti-Semitism.

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American Revolution Essay Example for Free

American diversity EssayIn m any(prenominal) societies, unison has been a way of disembodied spirit uniquely defining a particular society. Centuries ago, the now African Americans were taken to America as slaves. They went with a rich African euphonyal theater agriculture applying it in their places of work like the fields. in that respect they sung work songs, field hollers, chants and shouts. In the nineteenth century they were granted freedom under the American Revolution and this had an effect on their lives. They could no thirster meet in the field where they sung communally they still needed a way to ego express themselves. They and so adopted a more self centered and personalized kind of medical specialty the so called blue medicine. Blue music was not actually a new kind of music, provided it was a new concept in music that was personalized. Much of the former songs they come tod a congregation of people in performance. There were soloists and the responde nts. However, this new concept in music was more personified, the singer responded to himself or herself. There were teachings that existed, the Haratio Alger model, and which also led to emergency of blue music.The assumption that one self destiny was setd by him/herself motivated personalized kind of life and therefore the blue music (McElrath, J 2000) Blue music is very eventful in African American music platform. Over the years, it has evolved from blue, to rhythm and blues (RB) to the renal pelvis hop a popular kind of music in the modern populace. The introduction of the guitar to the rural swart habitations in the post civil war periods was significant in the emerging of blue music. They could now adjoin more flattered notes former(a)wise called the blue notes.It also influenced other kind of music for instant the rock music, jazz tunes, guitarist music. (New York Times, 2007) Blue music was not limited to anyone. Unlike other kind of music, they were not establish on age, season, setting or even location. In fact, they were play by all ages, at any season, any setting for instant workplaces, homes churches. Their main target was expressing immediate individual feelings, pain, hope, desire, pride and suffering. (Campbell et al, 2004) Blue music evolution can be classified in terms of time and location.The Mississippi Delta area came up with a highly charged style of blue music performance which was of high degree. These were termed as Delta Blues. They were chiefly slow tunes pioneered by music icons like Charley Patton (1934) Son House and Robert Johnson (1937). They guitar acted as a vocalist where it was played using a glass slide. This was different from the Ragtime Blues that existed in the middle south. These blues were scintillation hearted. The singers used their fingers especially the thumb establishing a recurring bass picking a melody that express the off beats.Blind Boy Fuller (1941) and Blind Blake (1933) pioneered this kind of b lues. The religious blues is another miscellany in blue music. Mainly they were sacred drawn from the ring shouts and spirituals that came before them. Blind Willie Johnson (1949) pioneered this class. There was migrating to the urban centers by the African Americans. There was need to reformat this kind of music to be more attractive and involve dancing. Previously, it was surrounded by some irregularities. This led to a class of blues called the Urban Blues.William Christopher Handy (1958) is an important icon in this type of music. This was significant to Jazz singers. As time went by, the blacks needed to adapt to the urban cities. Those talented in singing had to be vigorous. They started singing even in clubs and bars. These places are generally whirring and needed an improved guitars sound to counter the noise. They started using the electric guitar evolving blues to what was called the electric blues. This occurred the period subsequently the World War II. Important icons included Muddy Water, Howlin Wolf and B. B King.Thereafter, blue music influenced the emergency of RB that combined Jazz and pop too. (New York Times, 2007) The migration to the cities came with its impact. The African American women popularized the classic blues. In the cities, they had freedom all over rural beliefs and stands. They could now sing out of the church. On the other hand, there was need to perform in entertainment, theaters clubs and dance halls. Women therefore started performing in these places. 1920s was significant for this kind of blues after copy Smiths recorded crazy blues which motivated other classical blues singers.(Arc Catalging literary genre Help sheet, 2002) The classical blues popularity declined with the rise of the country blues. The success of classical blues motivated save companies to market more as those recording classical music made a lot of profits. There emerged competent male singers taking over the blue music field. (Chart communication Inc, 2006) Like any other kind of music, the blues catch had an impact in the previous society, the present and will continue to the generations to come. faraway from influencing the emergency of RB music and rosehip-hop, it has changed the lifestyle of people. roughly of music stars are modeled by some(prenominal) people especially in their personality and fashion a foundation where many fashion developers upgrade their products. Many people especially the youth have modeled these stars adapting their dress cord, personality, dancing style and others. Most of their video shooting incorporates seductive and suggestive go alongs if not romantic. Therefore it has had an influence on peoples sexuality behaviors. Due to its music culture, it has promoted drug abuse in the society especially among the youth. Some music stars are substances abuser and a model can adapt such personality.Music has an effect on people feelings. In fact, blues are associated with personified feeling an d therefore can influence crime by either promoting it or causing incitement. In history of blues, its evolution was highly characterized by performance in leisure places. It has influenced clubs, entertainment, dancing and alcohol use among other issues. (Jelsoft Enterprises, 2008) Generally, the nature of blue music has influenced not single the entire music industry the lifestyle of human beings alone also other dimensions of life economic, culture religion, politics and social.The notion music is life is real considering its impact in the society. We can not bring in that humanity is directly influenced by music and its effects that ranges from relaxation to incitement. Blues music is not an censure in this. Its popularity not only in United States but also in the entire world has economically empowered nations. African Americans economical capability has relied on entertainment, primarily on blue music. It has in turn influenced the economy of the entire nation.The recordin g firms have emerged providing employment to the entire population and economically empowering the stars. The hip hop music has its roots on blue music. The rise of hip hop culture therefore can primarily be based on the blues music. It has therefore influenced culture significantly. In religion, music is one element of communication especially in it averation delivery target. Indeed, most of the inspiring evangel music, the so called worshiping music, is blues. They have influenced prayers and the entire religious doctrines.In politics, blues have been composed to send messages and inform people about issues related to politics. In fact, they have been used in political rallies to emotionally move people. In Russia it was associated with post communist phenomenas. Not only have they been used in politics but also in social context. Blues have a reputation of being a base for most re known love songs and emotion expressions. These songs have been used in marriages, reconciliation and have had a big impact in social settings. Music impact on humanity is profound.Their influence on life dimensions seeks its greater attention. Over the past years, the industry has recommendably been exploited changing the whole world. Pointing to the African Americans, their reputation has been characterized by their impact on entertainment industry especially the music industry, of course their music superiority rooting from blues. It is therefore worth to lift blues music, modernize them and mod it in a way that it will affect many other generations to come. We need to lift the burn that music is life and therefore, there is life in music. reference points Arc Catalging Genre Help sheet (2002) classic blues. Retrieved on Friday, November 14, 2008 from http//www. arcmusic. org/features/blues_guides/classic_blues. pdf Blood. Retrieved on Friday, November 14, 2008 from http//www. colinlinden. com/Media_Room/Reprints/chartattack. com_- _Jan_25_2006_-_Country-Blues_Runs_Deep_In_Co lin_Linden_s_Blood. pdf Campbell, J, Chilcoat, L, Derby, S, Greenfield, B Heller, B. C (2004) USA Lonely Planet. Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd (2008) Sociological Observation Impact of Music on Society.Retrieved on Friday, November 14, 2008 from http//path-to- peace. com/community/showthread. php? t=23 McElrath, J (2000) The Blues and the Development of Personalized Song about. com. Retrieved on Friday, November 14, 2008 from http//afroamhistory. about. com/od/bluesmusic/a/bluesmusic. htm New York Times (2007) The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge A Desk Reference for the Curious Mind Macmillan.

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Pros of British Imperialism in Africa Essay Example for Free

Pros of British Imperialism in Africa EssayThe British colonise Africa from Egypt in the north to southward Africa. Extension of a nations power through conquering overseas territory, know as imperialism had several motivations. Nationalism urged the nations of Europe to conquer land overseas. Having colonies was seen as a matter on theme prestige, it was a symbol of the nations greatness. Lands in Africa, robust in raw materials and markets, were seen as scotch opportunities for the European nations. Along with the rest of Europe Britain participated in the get for Africa. The biggest urge to colonize was brought on by the economic benefits that the colonies would bring. Africa was seen as a major source of possible income, with its raw materials and markets for European manufactured goods. somewhat the 19th century, as the interest in slave trade declined other forms of trade became increasingly interesting, European powers continued to seek income. The western sandwicher s had a keen interest in Africas natural resources such as wight hides, palm oil, peanuts, rubber, timber, and tin.The growing European presence led to increasing tensions in the region. British colonization of Africa began in 1874. British imperialism started with the annexing of the west costal states (which became the deluxe Coast liquidation) and establishing a protectorate in Nigeria. Around 1914, the Scramble for Africa had ended Britain was in charge of a huge part of the continent. Britain controlled Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Bechuanaland, British East Africa, British Somalia, Egypt, Gambia, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Pemba, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Southern Rhodesia, Uganda, Union of South Africa, Walvis Bay, and Zanzibar. The size of the British reign over Africa was great than that of any other nations. An aspiration of the British was to stretch a telegraph line from their northern colonies to their southernmost ones.Cecil Rhodes, a successful B ritish businessman, can be credited for the vastness of the British control in Africa. One of his ambitions was to create a series of British colonies from Cape Town to Cairo, all connected by a railroad. In fact, Cecil Rhodes was partially responsible for sparking the Boer War which lasted from 1899 to 1902. Soon after, the British government made Rhodes to put in from his post as head of Cape Colony. Ultimately, his goal was to gain as much territory in Africa as possible for the British.Not only did imperialism provide the colonizing country with profit, the colonized lands and people also benefited from it. Western nations brought useful innovations and improvements to the peoples lives. Some of the technological advances were telegraphs, railroads, and telephones. More importantly, stable government systems, Western education, hospitals, were introduced to the colonized lands to improve the overall living standards. The British were able to bring these innovations to the conti nent of Africa and help the nations under their imperialistic rule.Imperialism is the extension of a nations power over other lands. A nation with colonies was viewed as superior to those without it was able to sustain its place amongst the leading powers. Imperialism allowed a country to control faraway lands, rich in natural resources and local markets, and profit economically. Imperialism was beneficial not only to the imperialistic nation, but the colony as well.

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A Journal of Woe Essay Example for Free

A diary of Woe EssayThe pain was excruciating as I struggled to fight for my life under the lie that my beloved husband had forced upon me. I remember how much it hurts as I tried to whiff for air beneath Othellos powerful arms. I can recall those murderous eyeball goaded mad by jealousy and hate. For an instant, I failed to spy the man I have fought to love. I can non recognize that man I secretly married despite my fathers objections. For a moment, I failed to limit the man who promised to love me for the rest of our lives. It all started that fateful night when Othello fired Michael Cassio from his lieutenant position.He impeach me of sleeping with Cassio. The jealousy was probably most triggered when he felt that I was being too bear on with Cassios situation. He must have thought that my acts in favor of Cassios defense were signs of regard for him. He accused me of giving Cassio the handkerchief which was a gift from him. There is no way I would have given such a valuable gift to someone else My love and affection is undividedly offered for Othello. It does not seek other men aside from him. My fidelity to my marriage and to my husband is pure and untainted. How could he tear down dare think of me with such immoralityHowever, it was too late to defend myself further, for the fire in his eyes was already consumed with too much evil to pay any heed to my cries. Yet, before death consumed what was leftover of my body, the image of the man I love came before my eyes. I forgive him. He is a dupe and not a murderer. I know in his heart that he loves me still, and once this madness brought approximately by his jealousy ends, he would repent and ask for forgiveness. Or, he might end his life as well to follow me, so he can make it up to me personallyand I volition be waiting on the other side.

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Religious Service Essay Example for Free

Religious Service EssayFor my last response paper, I dogged that I cute to attend a Jewish service. Since I had missed the pre arranged field trip out(p) to go with the school, I decided that I would grab a friend, and defecate a day out of driving up to Park City to go to the Temple Har Shalom. We set off on our cardinal minute drive, and fin completelyy came upon the Temple. The temple itself was real fascinate to the eye, it was a mix of brick and what looked like maple wood, the architecture was interest and had a truly modern feel to it. The inside was beautiful, and very spacious. There were chairs set up and tables, and advise places, of course there were Israeli flags hanging from different locations.When we first got in, we first just walked around and marveled at how modern and clean the temple felt. People were starting to come in, and greet each other. It was obvious that the fraternity was very close everyone seemed to know one another. My friend and I we re immediately picked out as beingness visitors, and so some people came to us and wanted to know who we were, and what we were doing there. Upon hearing my reason for being at the temple, a man kindly offered to first explain to us a little roughly what was passing on. First of all he began to tell us that every synagogue must start 3 things in order for it to be considered holy. One of these things is the Ark, the cabinet where the Torah scrolls are kept. The second thing is a asylum lamp or an altar lamp a light that shall burn continuously. The third thing he mentioned was a 7 branched candelabrum, or menorah.We walked into where the service was being held, and considering that this specific temple is one of the largest in the state, the room was huge. I was told that the flock was make of over 300 Jewish families, and there was room for everyone to be comfortable. The pews were set up, and they were all blue behind the rows of pews, blue single chairs were set up. The ch airs were all set up to face the ark, which was contact by beautiful, white blue and grey brick looking dapple glass. Again the building is very innovative and modern, so the lights where very interesting shaped, they reminded me of tire wheels. The wall on the side of the room had slits of the same stain glass that surrounded near the front of the room where the arc resided. The Star of David and a menorah were also open on the walls. The ceiling was very interesting it was wood pleats and reminded me of an olden wooden sleigh.The Rabbi who was conducting the service was Rabbi Joshua Aaronson. He was a little younger than I was expecting, I would put him maybe around 35 or so. He was wearing a skillful length white robe with a Tallit around his shoulders, which was a more than yellowish collar, and had what looked like leaves to be on it. He was also wearing a Yamaka. He greeted the congregation by saying Shalom which means welcome. I noticed that there was different books al l around, there were collection books, called Siddur which contained Hebrew, and English translations, there was also the Chumash which is the book that has the torah breedings in it, each week a different subtract of the Torah is read, starting in Genesis and going through to Deuteronomy, once the torah has been read all the way through, it starts over again in Genesis. Rabbi Aaronson spoke to the congregation and told some stories about his wife and family, the whole congregation seemed to transport him, and he was quite funny.Rabbi Aaronsons sermon was about happiness, he talked about how he had neer rightfully thought about the idea of happiness and Judaism going together, of course he was happy, and had studied the religion for some(prenominal) years, the persecution of the Jews, the nature of divinity fudge, Faith in God, the rules, the laws, he joked that through all the movies he had seen about Judaism he had never left in a happy mood, with Fiddler on the Roof being the exception. He talked about how he realized that happiness was actually found many places in Judaism, the first of which would be the Tanakh or Jewish bible, one of the sons of Jacob is named Asher, meaning happy. He talks about how the word happy is found most often in sing and Proverbs, and mentions that the very first word in the very first sing is happy, he then repeats the first Psalm, first in Hebrew and then in English.He explains the Psalms which basically says that a person is happy when he or she has a strong moral compass, and is not persuaded by liars and cheaters. He mentions Psalms 84 and mentions that the Psalms is so important that it is the first phrase in one of the most important prayers of the Shabbat, the prayer in English roughly means The Happy postulation. The point to his message was that being close to God, and more so being phantasmal and studying God and religion brings people happiness. He talks about a poll that was done with 600,000 Americans w hich showed that people who considered themselves religious or very religious said they were much happier than those who said they were moderately religious or not religious at all.My favorite part of the service was when the Torah was read. The reading of the Torah was done in the middle of the service, Rabbi Aaronson overt the Ark, and it is custom for everyone to stand when the Ark is opened, to show respect. Everyone rose and chanted a verse from the Torah, which I was told again shows their science of the importance of the Torah. The different Torahs were all neatly placed in the Ark, which beautiful covers on them, while the Rabbi took them out, I noticed he carried them to the altar almost like a new born baby, which makes sense considering how unutterable the Torah is in the religion. He took off the coverings and there were two other people around him who were the Torah checkers they make sure that whoever is doing the reading is not making any mistakes and is there to co rrect if a mistake is made reading the torah.They carried the torah around the room and people bowed when it came near them, I was told that I did not have to bow if I did not feel comfortable, just felt I wouldnt get the full experience if I didnt. There was a whole intriguing ritual in reading the torah, a man went up to do an Aliyah which is Hebrew for going up, this is like a blessing on the torah to begin with the reader reads that weeks passage. I had never heard Hebrew spoken before tending this service, let alone heard another language in a church so that was very interesting. I had also never seen a book that was so sacred, of course Christians have the bible but it is not transported around the room, while people bow to it. I thought that showed a lot of customs duty and strength in the religion. It is clearly a religion that is very important to those who follow it.I would go into more detail about the torah reading, but I left my notes and my program on the pew when I left and didnt realize until much too late. The book that allowed us to follow along the torah reading was very great, and I was pleasantly surprised that they did the reading in English as well as in Hebrew.The service ended and people came up to me and shook my hand and of course as always, wanted to know what I thought about it. I have to admit this was one of the most intriguing church experiences I have ever had. The sermon was interesting, the people were great, and there was such a smelling of being close, close to one another and close to God and to a religion that I was very overwhelmed with positive emotion. I am very glad that I attended this service, and am glad this degree has allowed me to open my mind to different religions.

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Operations Management Essay Example for Free

Operations Management EssayCarefully review the battle scenario/case study. From the limited information in the scenario/case study, along with your answers to the unit three written assignment, lay at least three direct and specific long- term and three direct and specific victimize term operations changes that albatross gumption must marque to gain a clear and sustainable competitive advantage (provide detailed information to vali appointee and support each recommended change) Long-Term Operational Changes(01) grammatical construction Renovation Moving the equipment around to make sure that it is better organized. Moving the metal change states to where the raw products and destroyed products are located right now impart open up the receiving and shipping. Receiving and shipping now hobo be one big area with the possibility of adding to a greater extent equipment to the area which would receive down the endure between the two anchors. If there is a way of dividing the manufacturing area so that the area can make both anchors at the same time instead of having that 36 hour window of changing the equipment. This forget cut address down on the down time and increase the profit margins.(02) engineering science Having up to date applied science added to the area allow for help eliminate some of the equipment that engineering could do. Also up to date technology in the administrative offices is important as well so that totally employees on the scandalize and in the offices realize what is going on. Having this technology will be safer and faster production.(03)Equipment Updating the equipment if possible that would do more in less time would help with building up the profit margins. Adding more equipment so that both anchors can be made at the same time will also bring in the profit margins. Moving the equipment around to make room for new or making the foundry and other equipment to divide the manufacturing area to conduct the area produc e both anchors.Short-Term Operational Changes (01)Bud arouseing Budgeting the bills around to help upgrade the technology and equipment. And the funds to have more employees. The cost of what will cost to do all the long time and what the connection will make after everything is complete. Having a budget will help with what can be done now and what we can see if we can get help or something that will have to wait until funds are available.(02) Employees All employees new and older know the procedures and rules of the attach to. What the employees need to do to make it easier of a change. Train them on the new technology and equipment and what take to be done. Having all employees knows the two types of anchors is very important especially the administrative office when they have callers that have questions and those that are shipping out the anchors. Sending out the wrong anchors to the customers can lead to loss of cash and customers. Because of the items not being right they would think that Albatross Anchor is very none organized and more to a accompany that looks more organized.(03) Update administrative offices Updating the offices will have the customers that come in want to do business with Albatross Anchor. Trying to have a couple of the administrative mental faculty are knowledgeable in the anchors will help the other administrative staff with needing and be the go to for all questions that they may have. Having updated technology the administrative will be able to do a lot more to help with the business and be able to know when delivers are coming and what make out is coming. This way all employees that deal with shipping and receiving will be on the same page.Question devil From the list of ten operational issues in the Unit 6 assignment instructions select quaternion operational issues. For each of the four operational issues explain in detail that operational issue will help Albatross Anchor improve 1) job remembering, 2) employee mor ale, and 3) employee consignment.Operational Issue One Cross grooming Job storage Have cross training employees will be able to exert in different areas so if an area is short on employees can move someone to the area of dearth to help and keep everything going. This will also give the employees more of an opportunity and look for work if a position opens up.Employee morale Having employees cross train over in areas will make them feel worthful to the company, which will give official results in the work environment and in the employees.Employee dedication Having employees cross train and having them feel valuable will help bring employees save to work and want to work at Albatross Anchor.Operational Issue Two Gain sharing and profit sharingJob retention profit sharing created the employee will benefit of the financial success of Albatross Anchor. With the growth of the company and valuable employees will help with this success. With the employees knowing that they are benefi ting from the profit sharing will continue to stay and work hard.Employee Morale Employees will feel appreciated if they receive financial rewards. Being rewarded of their hard work created positive morals for the employees and the company.Employee Dedication Employees has personal responsibility for the profit sharing in the company success, especially when all employees benefit when the company is successful. This will create employee dedication.Operational Issue Three ErgonomicsJob retention Having hard physical labor brings short and long term damages. Ergonomics ensures that workers operate in the nigh safest and productive ways. Having a company pay attention to workers health will keep employees when they know the company cares about their employees.Employee morale Working in hard manual labor rises the risk of damage to the employees. Having the employees know that they are working for a company that cares about their well-being will bring employee morale high.Employee dedi cation Employees that feel the company is invested in their employees will bring dedication from their employees.Operational Issue Four Technology and automationJob retention Improving the technology and automation will help bring the company safer and a better place to work for. Having this done will bring Albatross Anchor up to date with safety procedures. Employees will feel safe knowing they are working with the latest technology and automation.Employee morale Workers will take pride in their work when there is an up to date technology and automation.Employee dedication Employees that work in up to date technology and automation will come to work happy and will be dedicated to the company.ConclusionIf the Albatross Anchor takes these long and short term improvements. The company will be a very successful company and many customers will continue to purchase anchors from them, especially if the company are producing both anchors at the same time. Having employees that want to come will also help bring in the success of the company. No one wants to come and work for a company that doesnt care or show their appreciation in their employees and help with rewards after the company starts getting a profit after the changing of the equipment and moving things around. As long as Albatross Anchor does the changes and upgrades that need to be done and show support and appreciation to their works Albatross Anchor will be a successful company and one that many customers and possible customers will chew up about.

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Sexuality and development Essay Example for Free

Sexuality and development attemptI am going to do an interview on a LGBT residential district member and disuses how inner practice effects their development. During the interview I entrust be asking three main questions to the member of the LGBT lodge. foremost question is going to be the LGBT members self-identify, and then I will ask nearly the societys perception of their community and last will be asking the shock of same-sex union has had on the LGBT community. Those three main atomic number 18as will complete my interview with the LGBT member. The LGBT member self-identity is a women named Heidi Young who I interviewed for this paper. Heidi is thirty three years old and has been a lesbian her whole vivification. Heidi says she bottom remember blanket even as far as grade school when she remembers she was fascinated in a picky way by a particular girl in her class. Heidi says her concepts were non particularity sexual she was scarcely eleven years old at the time. Heidi can say that she also remembers having thoughts virtually this girl and bear not if she thought she was cute. Heidi says she remembers when she would look at that girl that she did fell some kid of pleasure by doing so. Heidi said her self-identity was recognized at an early age of k swellwaying she was a lesbian but did not know how to describe or even tell others around herself identity.She also didnt know how raft would feel ab appear her self- identity .It was the seventh grade when Heidi knew that she was not emotional and never had any sexual thoughts nigh or with any boys only girls she had feeling for and strong ones at that and this is when she knew her sure identity of beingness a lesbian. Heidi said about the age of fifteen she did the hardest part of telling her family and button up friends about her identity of being a lesbian and there was no doubt in her judging that she was wrong about how she was.Heidi did not knowhow her family and friends we re going to take it but she said she had prepared herself for the worst. after she had told her family and her close friends she was very surprised she said on how everyone took it and how they still expected her for her and they did not care about her self- identity and which sexual preference she has chosen to be. Heidi said after telling her family and friends about her identity of being a lesbian and for them to be understanding and not judging her has made her completely comfort qualified about her self identity of being a lesbian it was a Hugh weight lifted off of her shoulders now that they knew.The second question I asked during the interview with Heidi was how has societys perception have on their community? Heidis root was this it is not taken as well as it did when she told her family and friends. There are places that she goes that she says she ends up feeling wired and she will end up leaving the place cause of others that are all treating her different or looking at her different. Then there are place where she completely feels at home and feels like she is accepted for whom she is and nothing less.Heidi said not everyone is ok with the LGBT community but it has twist to be more than expected and more open with others in the community to where she is becoming not appalled and has started being herself in public or anywhere she goes. She did say though even when she is out with her checkmate and there are little kids around she does not hug up or kiss up on her partner cause she is not trying to give them the wrong impression of things she said if they are like her they will find their own self-identity out sooner or later in life just like she did. Heidi said for the most part their community has their own spot where they hang out or even having jobs where they work of their same community from those who are straight and do not debate in what they are or what they are doing.The third question during the interview I brought up to Heidi was what she thought about the tint same-sex marriage has had on the LGBT community? Heidi really said she did not know how to answer this question but she will do the best she can. Legalizing gay marriage will help to build up a social norm that includes and respects homosexual lifestyles. Couples as well as individuals in the LGBT community will seem less different fromheterosexual lifestyle, so straight couples and individuals will be more inclined to accept homosexual couples into their communities. Gay marriage will have no impact whatever on heterosexual communities, just as racial integration in the 60s had no negative impact on White (the majority) communities. It simply overturned an ugly, immoral attitude that upheld segregation.The same goes for legalizing gay marriage it will grant the LGBT community a right that has been immorally denied to them. Heidi says her way of thinking about the whole things is this I think that everybody should just marry who they want. Marriage is about love not whether it is a sin or not. People who are straight shouldnt care it doesnt affect them in any type of way. Heidi has said she is gladiola that they have finally made same sex marriages legal in the states.It will be refined if she ever gets to that point in her life and wants to get married she will now be sufficient to do it in her own state and not have to go somewhere else to get married. As I was getting ready to end the interview with Heidi she said one last thing she cute to throw in she wanted to say that she is very comfortable and happy with whom she is and no one can ever take her from that. She believe that in time this will be history and there will be no issues with the LGBT community and that their community will be looked at just the same has the straight people community.This completes my interview with Heidi Young who is a part of the LGBT community. In this interview I have talked about Heidis self-identity to the LGBT community, I have cove red the societys perception of their community and also the impact same-sex marriage has had on the LGBT community. As this has been a very interesting interview that I have do personally it has been a experiences in my life to set down and for a LGBT member to be able to feel comfortable to talk to me about a few things has been an awesome thing and really has changed my expected value on the LGBT community and have become more understanding of it.