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10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Genealogist

Do you think that the genealogical profession is one that you will enjoy?  Follow these simple steps to see if you have the necessary skill, experience, and expertise to offer your services to others on a fee basis. Includes tips on becoming a certified or accredited genealogist. Difficulty: N/A Time Required: Varies How to Become a Professional Genealogist Read and follow the code of ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Board for Certification of Genealogists.  Even if you belong to neither organization, this lets clients know you are serious about work quality and ethicsConsider your experience. A genealogist must be familiar with the various types of genealogical records available and know where to access them, as well as know how to analyze and interpret evidence. If you are unsure about your qualifications, enlist the services of a professional genealogist to critique your work and offer guidance.Consider your writing skills.  You must be knowledgeable of the proper format for source citations and have good grammar and writing skills in order to communicate your findings to clients. Practice your writing constantly. Once you have it polished, submit an article or case study for possible publication in a local genealogical society newsletter/journal or other genealogical publication.Join the Association of Professional Genealogists.  This society exists not only for practicing genealogists, but also for people who desire to further their skills.  They offer ongoing professional development in the skills needed to run a successful genealogy business.Educate yourself by taking genealogy classes, attending seminars and workshops, and reading genealogical magazines,  journals, and books.  No matter how much you know, there is always more to learn.Volunteer with a local genealogical society, library or group.  This will keep you in touch with a network of fellow genealogists, and help to further develop your skills. If you have the time, start or join a transcribing or indexing project for additional practice at reading genealogical documents.Make a list of your goals as a professional genealogist.  Think about what types of research interests you, the access you have to necessary resources and the profitability of doing research as a business. What do you want to do? Profe ssional genealogists dont all do client research - some are authors, editors, teachers, heir searchers, bookstore owners, adoption specialists and other related fields.Develop your business skills.  You cannot run a successful business without knowing about accounting, taxes, advertising, licenses, billing and time management.Get a copy of Professional Genealogy: A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers, and Librarians. This book is the bible for genealogy professionals and those who want to become professional. It offers advice and instruction on everything from abstracting to setting up a business.Consider applying for certification or accreditation. The Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) grants certification in research, as well as in two teaching categories, and the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) offers accreditation in specific geographical areas. Even if you decide not to become certified or accre dited, the guidelines offered by these testing programs will help you to objectively evaluate your genealogical skills. Tips: Practice your research skills every chance you get.  Visit courthouses, libraries, archives, etc. and explore the records. Get as much experience as you can before working for others.Dont stop researching your own family history.  It is most likely the reason you fell in love with genealogy in the first place and will continue to provide inspiration and enjoyment.

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Air Pollution in Canada - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2070 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2018/12/30 Category Environment Essay Type Report Level High school Tags: Canada Essay Nature Essay Did you like this example? Introduction Air pollution is one of the environmental issues facing communities in Canada. Air pollution problem in Canada arises from the accumulation of airborne compounds and biological matter in the atmosphere that causes harm to human lives, the environment, and the entire Canadian economy. In Canada, the factors that contribute to air pollution include the burning of fossils for energy that is used both domestically and running the industries. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Air Pollution in Canada" essay for you Create order Fossil fuels constitute part of Canadas primary source of fuel for Canadas population even though the federal government is cognizant of the consequences that they have on the environment. The air pollution problem in Canada is a persistent problem due to climatic changes, an increase in urbanization, and the continued reliance on motor vehicles as the major source of transport (Wirth, 2000). The Alberta Oil Sands, (large deposits of bitumen), is the main contributor to Canadas air pollution problem. Therefore, the air quality of Northern Alberta is much poorer than those of other areas with similar population densities. Other urban areas such as Toronto face environmental issues that are related to air pollution because of the industrial chemicals (Taylor McMillan, 2013). The city of Montreal falls below the World Health Organizations endorsed maximum level of concentration of particulate substances in the air. Other cities such as Hamilton, Laval, Kamloops and Saskatoon also exceed the recommended maximum level of particulate matter in the air. The province of Quebec was considered the leading source of emission of fine particulate substances from the human activities in Canada, most of which arise from heating wood (Lavigne, Villeneuve Cakmak, 2012). History of Air pollution in Canada Sulphur oxides were the first of the Criteria Air Contaminants (CACs) that received noteworthy attention from an environmental viewpoint. The scientific research studies in the 1970s decade started linking Sulphur dioxide to the acidification of the marine life forms in North America to show that long-range transit of Sulphur oxides was possible. Acid rain, which was caused mainly by Sulphur dioxide, was the main air pollution issue in Canada from during the 1970s and 1980s (Heck Taylor, 2012). The first major domestic and international agreements on air issues in North America thus focused on issues of air pollution caused by Sulphur oxides and acid rain. However, prior to the domestic and international agreements on Sulphur oxides and acid rain in the 20th century, the Trail Smelter Case made sure that the issue of air pollution became a documented problem in Canada as early as the year 1896 when the first smelting plant was established (Taylor McMillan, 2013). As the smelter developed over the course of time, the locals started protesting over the smoke clouds, which led to the construction of a 100-meter-tall stack in 1920 to diffuse the gases further down the Columbia River Valley. This led to the damage of vegetation and crop cover on the United States side of the border, which was about 20 kilometers away (Heck Taylor, 2012). Ultimately, the protests by farmers and residents of the state of Washington in America persisted so much that Franklin Roosevelt, the President of the US at the time, wrote a letter directly to Richard Bennett, the Prime Minister, who was the Canadian Prime Minister at the time. A special tribunal was thus set up to evaluate whether the Trail Smelter would be required to stop wreaking havoc to the State of Washington in the coming future (Unsworth Ormrod, 2013). Morris Katz, a chemist from the National Research Council, was required to examine the Trail Smelter Case from a technical viewpoint and his effort on the impacts of the smelter plumes on the vegetation cover national recognition. The special tribunal that was set up to handle the case reported its discoveries in the year 1941 in a momentous decision. It stated that no state had the right to use or allow the use of its land in a way that caused injury by smoke plumes to the land of another nation (Heck Taylor, 2012). Both Canada and the US agreed to the outcome of the study, and 428,000 dollars was compensated to the farmers who were affected (Taylor McMillan, 2013). Using a Sulphur recapture and an Air Quality Management system, the issue was partially solved. Another industry was created to change the waste Sulphur oxides to sulfuric acid and fertilizers. Presently, the Trail Smelter recovers close to 91 percent of the Sulphur dioxide that would have been released into the atmosp here. Even though the industry created to recover the dissipated Sulphur dioxide did no mark the end of the situation, it set several precedents for air quality management (Stern, 2014). Stakeholders Involved In October 2012, the ministers of environment excluding Quebec agreed to the implementation of the country-wide Air Quality Management System (AQMS) that was an all-inclusive approach to reduce the amount of air pollution in Canada. AQMS is a result of an unprecedented partnership by the federal, provincial, and territorial governments and stakeholders, who have a duty to implement the system. Even though Quebec offers support to the goals of AQMS, it would not implement the System as it includes the federal industrial emission necessities that embody the Quebec clean Air regulation. However, Quebec works in collaboration with the other stakeholders in the development of other components of the system, most notably the air zones (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, 2014). Apart from the environment ministers, the national industry associations were also part of the stakeholders that take part in solving the Canadian Air pollution problem. First, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), which represents Canadas oil plants, oil sands, and natural gas plants has a crucial role to play in solving the air pollution problem. CAPP aims at advocating for and enabling economic competitiveness using safe environmental and socially responsible means. Secondly, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) that help in transporting Canadas unprocessed oil and natural gas from the production regions to the markets all over Canada. The US helps in enhancing operating superiority in the business environment to minimize the dissipation of dangerous fumes (Government of Canada, 2015). Thirdly, the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) helps in establishing guidelines for the safe handling of the petroleum products and providing information about the petroleum industry to the public. This helps in reducing the amount of gases emitted into the atmosphere as the public would be educated on the efficient means of using the petroleum products. The fourth association is the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association (CVMA) that represents Canadas largest car manufacturers. CVMA helps to ensure that the motor vehicles are made efficient such that they emit less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and are safe for the consumers. The fifth association is the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, which helps in reducing the emissions that lead to climate change and in international accountability (Government of Canada, 2015). Resolution of the air pollution problem In 1991, both Canada and the US, in an International Joint Commission, signed the Canadian-US Air Quality Agreement that states that the interstate air pollution can be minimized effectively through joint and coordinated action that provides for the control of the emission of air pollutants in both nations. The Air Quality Agreement set objectives and goals for the mitigation of air pollution that could be attained cumulatively by set dates. In addition, the Air Quality Agreement provided for practical and effective policy tools that could be used to reduce the rate of emissions of the gases (Stern, 2014). Recent reports have shown that Canada has continued to reduce the emissions of Sulphur dioxide over the past 20 years thereby reducing the rate of acid rain. Ever since the agreement had been signed in the year 1991, the levels of Sulphur dioxide in Canadas atmosphere dropped by about 300 percent. Canada also managed to achieve the set goal of reducing the amount of nitrous oxide from the power plants. The provincial governments have taken more proactive roles in the reduction of air pollution in comparison to the federal governments. For instance, the country-wide Acid Rain Strategy was a collaborative effort of the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and it set the specific standards and limits on the emission of Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide produced by the industrial activities. The country-wide Acid Rain was a response to the southeastern Canada having the worst quality of air in the whole of Canada and a high rate of acid rain (Brook, 2010). Community development strategies Cities such as Ontario passed pieces of legislation and new regulations that helped to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. In the year 1998, the city of Ontario established the Emissions Trading Regulation that established the limitations on the amount of Nitrous and Sulfur oxides into the atmosphere from the electric sector (Taylor McMillan, 2013). Secondly, the Drive Clean Program was introduced in 1999 to enforce compulsory vehicle inspection and maintenance with the aim of reducing smog. The city of Ontario also enforced a legislation that put a cap on the 7 main industrial sectors and another regulation updated the air standards to improve the environmental standards (Kozio?‚ Whatley, 2016). In addition, Ontario passed another directive in 2010 referred to as the Passenger Automobile and Light Truck Greenhouse Gas Emission, which introduced stringent standards for new cars prompting them to stay in line with the US national standards. The city of Quebec, just like Ontario, introduced the stringent standard in relation to air pollution. In the year 2011, Quebec introduced the Clean Air Regulation that enforced strict standards to reduce the emissions of nitrous and Sulphur oxides. The burners that would be used in the industries would have to be efficient such that they emit low levels of nitrous oxides. Moreover, Quebec requires every enterprise to report the emission of certain particulate matter in the atmosphere (Brook, 2010). Recommendations Besides the strict laws and regulations that have been passed by the provinces and the federal government, certain measures that every citizen in Canada can participate in to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere should be applied. First, the residents of any city should use public transportation systems, walk or ride bicycles instead of personal cars when it is safer to do so. Secondly, whenever possible, people Canadian citizens should use the alternatives to the fossil fuel-powered machines and motor vehicles. For instance, fishermen can try using rowboats or sailboats instead of motorboats when fishing, and for domestic purposes, other citizens can use the push lawnmowers instead of the gasoline-powered ones. Thirdly, for anyone buying cars, checking and considering the fuel efficiency when buying a car and keep them properly maintained is crucial. It is also crucial for all the Canadians to plant more trees to enhance the urban forest ca nopy and improve the quality of air. Conclusion The air pollution problem in Canada arises from the accumulation of airborne compounds and biological matter in the atmosphere causing harm to the human lives, the environment, and the entire Canadian economy. The Alberta Oil Sands, which are the large deposits of bitumen, are the main contributor to Canadas air pollution problem, making the air quality of North Alberta poorer than other areas with similar population. The Stakeholders that have been involved in solving Canadas air pollution problem include the environment ministers and the National Industrial Associations. The air pollution issue in Canada has mainly been solved through passing of stringent laws and regulations that control the emission of the greenhouse gases. References Brook, R. D. (2010). Clearing the air. Circulation, 121, 2331-78. Canadian Council Of Ministers Of The Environment (CCME). AQMS. (2014).? Ccme.ca. Retrieved 10 December 2017, from https://www.ccme.ca/en/resources/air/aqms.html Government Of Canada. Key contacts and stakeholders Canada.ca. (2015).? Canada.ca. Retrieved 10 December 2017, from https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/briefing/keycontacts-stakeholders.html Heck, W. W., Taylor, O. C. (Eds.). (2012). Assessment of crop loss from air pollutants. Springer Science Business Media. Kozio‚, M. J., Whatley, F. R. (2016). Gaseous air pollutants and plant metabolism. Butterworth-Heinemann. Lavigne, E., Villeneuve, P. J., Cakmak, S. (2012). Air pollution and emergency department visits for asthma in Windsor, Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health/Revue Canadienne de Santee Publique, 4-8. Stern, A. C. (Ed.). (2014). Fundamentals of air pollution. Elsevier. Taylor, E., McMillan, A. (Eds.). (2013). Air quality management: Canadian perspectives on a global issue. Springer Science Business Media. Unsworth, M. H., Ormrod, D. P. (2013). Effects of gaseous air pollution in agriculture and horticulture (No. 32). Butterworth-Heinemann. Wirth, J. D. (2000). Smelter smoke in North America: the politics of transborder pollution. Lawrence, Kan.: University Press of Kansas.

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A Time Of Face Reality - 1369 Words

Azaria Silvey Adams/Constable American Studies May 11 2015 A time to face reality Profession, near near family members and team connections are locations where ex-offenders discover our most essential of having a lawful qualifications. Ex-offenders are found having problems consequences; some outcomes consist of being banned from voting during elections, organizations business, and being culturally out of position. Such discriminations avoid ex-offenders to be repentant and to cause a righteous way of way of life. Some these problems lie with several government recommendations or even the government itself, where many have tried to cause ongoing way of way of life and were reduced the way for do so. The judgment and discriminations against ex-convicts are obvious all over the globe especially in the U. s. Declares, who has the biggest jail rates, with 756 scammers per 10000 inhabitants (Walmsley, 2008). This assessment would concentrate on the current problems on various summary and stops needed on ex-offenders and look at some alternatives for them. It is an continuous issue in the U. s. Declares where lawsuit expenses are among the biggest, and over 600,000 individuals are being launched from jail annually. Many discover out it very complicated to reintegrate them into team, and the current actions put in position are definitely not enough. Ex-offenders very often considered as dangerous, not trustworthy, have badShow MoreRelatedThe Educational Value Of Virtual Reality1686 Words   |  7 Pagesof Virtual Reality Since the 1950’s, virtual reality (VR) has been hovering on the periphery of technology without achieving accepted mainstream application or commercial adoption. However, that is beginning to change and virtual reality has become a popular topic within the latest technological headlines. According to TechCrunch, VR startups have raised more than $1.46 billion in venture capital, and people believe that this is the year that VR will finally take off. Virtual reality provides anRead MoreConflict Between Reality and Illusion as a Major Theme of ‘the Glass Menagerie’1718 Words   |  7 PagesConflict between reality and illusion as a major theme of ‘The Glass Menagerie’ Introduction The Glass Menagerie is a dramatic play about human nature and the conflict between illusion and reality. An illusion is pretense and not reality. In The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams has made use of both reality and illusion together using conflict between them. Illusion is a misinterpretation of the facts. It is an opinion based on what we think is true rather than on what is actually true. In thisRead MoreThe Theory Of Reality Is Defined As A State Of Existence972 Words   |  4 Pagesis reality? Do all humans face the same reality or does it differ from one person to the other? Are we capable of exercising any control over reality? These are all questions that may arise when we endeavor to answer questions about what exactly reality means to us. Reality can be defined as a state of existence. Our environment which blatantly without a doubt exists. Reality can also be said to be double-sided with some overlap. In the sense that different people may face different realities, butRead MoreInternet Addiction Essay765 Words   |  4 Pages(Campbel, 2015,p3) In addition, adolescences use to texting all the time, they have communication difficulty when they need to communicate face to face. When people texting with others, they have Serval minutes to think about how to reply to the others, also they can hide their emotion under the screen, it cause they might shy and reserved in the reality and cannot control their emotion when they have conversations with others face to face. (Campbel, 2015,p5) Furthermore, teenagers who use cell phone frequentlyRead MoreWilliam Shakespeares Othello997 Words   |  4 Pagesor his or her bad nature. William Shakespeare does not only shed light towards this topic but allows his audience to distinguish appearance versus reality. Shakespeares Othello and sonnets 93 and 138 demonstrate being who you are in reality triumphs over appearance and what you seem to be. In Othello, Shakespeare illustrates the importance reality takes place in identifying a persons true character as early as in act one. The plays antagonist, Iago, ostensibly discloses himself to his pawnRead MoreReality : Virtual Reality737 Words   |  3 Pages Virtual Reality Have you ever used virtual reality before? Virtual Reality is a computer technology that replicates the environment real or imaged and stimulate the user’s physical presence and allows the user to interact with it. In this report I am going to talk about how popular and amazing Virtual Reality is. Virtual Reality is a wonderful thing I was once at my friend’s house, and I had never used one of them before. I was sitting there and she brought the headset out and I asked her whatRead MoreTennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire1553 Words   |  7 Pages Williams uses a significant amount of references to light in order to make an assertion about reality. In A Streetcar Named Desire, light represents the harsh reality that exists in the world, particularly with Blanche. With the huge emphasis that was placed on light, Williams asserts that Blanche’s avoidance of light demonstrates an avoidance of her reality. The author illuminates the harsh realities that exi st in the world by using vivid imagery, purposeful foreshadowing, and characterizing metaphorsRead MoreSonnys Blues1061 Words   |  5 PagesIn James Baldwins Sonnys Blues the symbolic motif of light and darkness illustrates the painful nature of reality the two characters face as well as the power gained through it. The darkness represents the actuality of life on the streets of the community of Harlem, where there is little escape from the reality of drugs and crime. The persistent nature of the streets lures adolescents to use drugs as a means of escaping the darkness of their lives. The main character, Sonny, a struggling jazzRead More Experience of World War One Portrayed by Siegfried Sassoon and Erich Remarque1383 Words   |  6 Pageswith the reality of trench warfare. Soldiers from across Europe, and indeed the world, first entered World War One with innocent enthusiasm. The expectations of the young men who joined, however, were shaped by the culture of age. It was the ro mantic mood of the time which essentially reinforced the hope that war would be won in honorable battle and ‘be over by Christmas’. These expectations were far from reality. The experience of war at the Western front was marked with the realities of modernRead MoreAnalysis Of Axolotl And Simulacra And Simulations 1646 Words   |  7 Pageslike to be the creature in and changing into one himself; a man gets into a motorcycle accident, while flashing to a life where he sacrificed in an ancient ritual; and many more. Cortà ¡zar’s use of this theme creates surreal realities that often make one question what the true reality of it all. Cortà ¡zar’s story â€Å"Axolotl† focuses more to the successive phases of an image. The way the story begins at first it may be confusing as to wear the narrator starts with in the story as it first mentioned

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E-Commerce Air Asia - 4563 Words

TABLES OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Importance of e-Commerce and m-Commerce 3.0 Corporate Appraisal 4.0 Competitive Advantages 5.0 m–Commerce 5.1 Differences of m-Commerce e-Commerce 6.0 Recommendations 6.1 Benefit of Microsoft Vista and m-Commerce to AirAsia 6.2 Benefit of Microsoft Vista and m-Commerce to Customers 7.0 Conclusions APPENDIX REFERENCES 1.0 Introduction Purcel and Toland (2004, 241) said â€Å"Internet and Communication Technology offer the opportunity to reduce the barriers of distance, and give†¦. countries better access to global economy†. This is where e-Commerce comes into picture which covers electronics trading of goods and services, electronic fund transfer, online procurement, direct†¦show more content†¦Porter argued that the organization can be divided into a series of primary value adding activities and supporting activities. The primary activities include:- Inbound logistic, Operation, Outbound logistic, Marketing and sales, and Services. The support activities include:- Procurement, Technology development, Human resources management, and Firm infrastructure. Porter’s Value Chain will be used as internal scanning to analyze the strength and weakness for AirAsia systematically by analyzing all 9 activities. a) Inbound Logistics AirAsia has placed an order of 175 units Airbus A320 to service its routes (AirAsia Berhad 2007 Annual Report). Airbus A320 is less fuel consumption compared to Boeing 737-300 aircraft. Ultimately Boeing 737-300 to be retired and replace with Airbus A320 to overcome the increase of oil price by structurally reduce cost and enhance customer services with better quality aircraft. AirAsia pursue simplicity in operation by operating a single aircraft fleet. All the aircraft can share to use the same tool, spare parts and same skilled manpower for maintenance and repair purpose; compared to maintaining different aircraft, it may need many different special tool, spare part and required more manpower for different aircraft. This will help to reduce the stock of part maintenance, less training for employee and servicing cost. b) OperationShow MoreRelatedAir Asia Operational Information Management in Strategy and Operations2785 Words   |  12 PagesOperational Information Management in Strategy and Operations: A Case of Air Asia to venture into Regional and International Markets 1.0 Introduction This study was intended to analyze the electronic marketing strategy on a selected budget airline based in Malaysia, Air Asia which aims to identify its potential future market segments. The study also explore on how current information systems strategy adopted by the Air Asia, in which could help the company to strengthen its position as a leadingRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Fedex And Ups993 Words   |  4 Pagesbasic products that are air and ground deliveries. Three major competitors, FedEx, UPS and USPS, rule both of the product lines. In this comparison we will only be comparing FedEx and UPS because the companies have a strong brand names and are highly competitive. FedEx on the other hand is a $17 billion gl obal transportation and logistics company, with an operating philosophy to â€Å"operate independently and compete collectively. Pg 3 UPS has grown into both the ground and air delivery networks and hasRead MoreE-Commerce Strategies for Airasia1576 Words   |  7 PagesAIR ASIA E-COMMERCE STRATEGIES Low cost per average seat kilometer AirAsia focused on ensuring a competitive cost structure as its main business strategy. It has been able to achieve a cost per average seat kilometer (ASK) of 2.5 cents, half that of Malaysia Airlines and Ryanair and a third that of EasyJet. AirAsia can lease the B737-300s aircraft at a very competitive market rates due to the harsh global market conditions for the second-hand aircrafts because of the September 11th event in 2001Read MoreSwot Analysis Of Fedex And Ups1028 Words   |  5 Pagesthat are air and ground deliveries. Both of the product lines are highly developed and ruled by three major competitors, FedEx, UPS and USPS. In this comparison we will only be comparing FedEx and UPS because the companies have a strong brand names and are highly competitive. FedEx on the other hand is a $17 billion global transportation and logistics company, with an operating philosophy to â€Å"operate independently and compete collectively. Pg 3 UPS has grown into both the ground and air deliveryRead MoreMarketing Strategy Of Nike s Success895 Words   |  4 Pagesequipment for other sports such as baseball, ice hockey, tennis, NFL, lacrosse, basketball and many more. Nike is always designing new ways to improve its products and stay ahead of the game. Just like when they introduced the new cricket shoes called Air Zoom Yorker, designed to be 30% lighter than their competitors. They are well-known and popular in youth culture as they supply urban fashion for hip hop. Nike is also really successful because of its early introduction to technology compared to otherRead MoreBusiness Press Article And An Executive Summary Essay1512 Words   |  7 Pages767s from Air Transport Services Group this march. Amazon has negotiated an option to buy nearly 20 percent of the company. Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president for worldwide operations, stated, â€Å"We’re excited to supplement our existing delivery network with a great new provider, ATSG, by adding 20 planes to ensure air cargo capacity to support one- and two-day delivery.† In an attempt to facilitate their shipping routes they have also leased 20 more jets from Atlas Air, an air cargo companyRead MoreAirasia Vs Jetstar Fleets : Airlines1185 Words   |  5 PagesJetstar Airways, 18 Jetstar Asia, 20 Jetstar Japan and 8 Jetstar pacific, next there also A321 6 Jetstar Airways and 2 for jetstar Pacific and lastly that is Bombardier Q300 only operated by East Australia Airlines for Jetstar Airways. Jetstar vs Airasia Group Jetstar Firstly Jetstar Airways based in Australia and New Zealand owned by Qantas, next Jetstar Pacific Airlines based on Vietnam and majority owned by Vietnam Airlines with Qantas Group holding 30 percent, Jetstar Asia Airways based at SingaporeRead MoreAir Asia Introduction3308 Words   |  14 Pagesï » ¿I. IICOMPANY BACKGROUND AirAsia was established in 1993 which founded by government. In 2001 it was bought by Tony Fernandes. AirAsia aims to be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serving the 3 billion people who are currently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares. With a fleet of 72 aircrafts, AirAsian flies to over 61 domestic and international destination with 108 routes, and operate over 400 flights daily from hubs located in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Today, AirAsiaRead MoreSamsung Swot Analysis1456 Words   |  6 PagesCompany Background: Samsung is a South Korean multinational company those beginning its business as a tiny commerce company and right now turning into world largest corporation. The corporate deals with its business in many sectors like advance technology, finance, petrochemical, semiconductors, plant construction, skyscraper, medicine, fashion, hotels, chemical and others. The corporate was established in 1969 in Suwon, South Korea and notable globally for it s electronic merchandise (Kelly, 2011)Read MorePorters 5 Forces Analysis on Air Asia1500 Words   |  6 Pagesanalysis on Air Asia 1. Threat of new Entrants The extent of barriers to entry depends on the strength of: Customer has little brand loyalty. If consumers of Air asia do not have brand loyalty, then the strength of the threat of new entrants is very high. The high numbers of competitors in the industry also decrease Air asia’s customer loyalty. Most of the travelers prefer low cost. New competitors which want to come in the industry have to spend little to compete with Air asia.

How Young Children Are Becoming Victimized Essay examples

In the U.S. on a regular school day, three of ten children are involved in bullying incident. Either as the ones causing it, witnessing it, or actually being the victim of the bully (Greenya, 1). In our western culture, perfection and being unaccepted for being imperfect is becoming more and more pervasive. From as young as grade school kids are worried about being socially accepted. The trend is becoming: be the bully, or you will be the one bullied. From children to adults bullying seems to be a desperate [way] for some people to maintain a circle of human contacts (Marano, 3). Although children are the ones seen as being rude and mean to their peers, this same attitude is found in adults although it may be portrayed on a different†¦show more content†¦But at the source of why there is so many incidents of bullying is that it is becoming so easily socially accepted. Researchers have found that the bullies and victims form an interactive chemistry over time in social scien ce. Another analysis is that bullies and the victims are both disliked so they seek each other for companionship(Marano 8-9). Either way it is becoming more and more common for children at early ages to show signs of aggression towards the ones they can hurt and dominate over. Bullying is also becoming so pervasive in the U.S. because psychologically children have more reasons to become a bully and also more reasons to become the victim. It doesnt just happen to anyone, bullies are characterized as proactive aggressors and reactive aggressors. Proactive aggressors are the kind of bully that bullies a kid to get some sort of reward or have something missing in their lives and bullying fills that void. Reactive aggressors are bullies who are victims at first but never end the fight, they never stop fighting back.(Marano, 11 and 15). But the victims of the bullying are the victims because of psychological reasons. They let themselves get picked on and be effected by being picked on. These victims have emotional problems like anxiety, shy, have depression, are submissive and non-social. These traits make them the best victims for the bully because the bully will only intensify theseShow MoreRelatedSimilarities Between The Bite Of The Mango And A Long Way Gone 831 Words   |  4 Pagesboth similar and different in how the two main characters are both victimized but differently because of their gender. Being victimized is not a part of ordinary life and to be a victim yourself is excruciating to go through. Victims Mariatu Kamara and Ishmael Beah were both children that were affected greatly from the war leaving lifelong agony and affliction. Both having this similarity of being a victim of this war was unlucky. In A Long Way Gone, Ishmael was a young man story was very tragic.Read MoreThe Impact Of Sexual Child Abuse On America1517 Words   |  7 Pagesthat is far worse than the rest; sexual abuse. Children has a natural instinct to trust too easily and believe what people tell them, especially if they know those people. Statistics show very high figures of sexual child abuse in America. When children undergo sexual abuse, it impacts their whole being. There are physical, emotional, and psychologic effects that could impact a child not only short term but long term as well. When a child is victimized sexually, they are not aware of the victimizationRead MoreOakland, California. A Place Where People Call It Home1636 Words   |  7 Pagesbehavior of a person but on how others view that behavior or the person itself. According to the book â€Å"Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys†, all the teens experienced being misread as horrific people based on their shade of s kin color. In the book, Victor Rios declared how â€Å"[the] system had such an extensive influence on the lives of the boys that many of them were criminalized even when they were the victim of the crime† (Rios, p. 45). This saying proves how many of the teens were setRead MoreWhat Are The Factors Which Makes A Child Criminal?1298 Words   |  6 Pagesmakes a child criminal?† Article 1 Violence, Crime, and Abuse Exposure in a National Sample of Children and Youth The importance of this article is the fact that it proved, when children are exposed to violence, crime and abuse as it affects their development and the policymakers need to pay special attention to this situation. The objectives of the study are to provide estimates and trends where children have been exposed to violence and abuse (Finkelhor). The study was carried out through a surveyRead MoreThe Social Problem Of Peer Pressure1659 Words   |  7 PagesThe topic pertaining to the social problem that I will be focusing on will be on how peer pressure is correlated to conformity. The sociological perspective I will be applying towards my research will encompass Symbolic Interaction Sociological Perspective. I will be addressing one of the many social problems that many adolescent males undergo. I will be addressing and highlighting adolescence males living in Los Angeles, California who are peer pressured into bullying by their peers and conformingRead MoreAdolescent Bullying Using A Liquid, Best Policy Practice Approach Essay1499 Words   |  6 Pagesthree children were victims of bullying during some point in their life, and that 10-14% of all adolescents were victims of chronic bullying for at least six months prior to conducting the survey. Children who were victims of bullying are also found to be at a higher risk of diagnoses for anxiety disorders and depression during young and middle adulthood. These victims are reported to be more likely to have lower levels of general/physical health and lower educational acquirements than young and middleRead MoreChild And Family Services Improvement And Innovation Act Of 20111225 Words   |  5 Pages Georgia experienced 17,148 children in the foster care system during the year of 2015 (Adopt US Kids , 2016). Children engaged in the foster care system are far more susceptible to a disruption in their biopsychosocial development. One of the leading indicators for older age youth successfully transitioning out of foster care is graduating high school. Foster youth success in school can be impacted by their foster care placement. This paper will explore the intended impact and actual impact ofRead More`` Fist, Stick Knife, And Gun ``1266 Words   |  6 Pagesneighborhoods that struggle with the issue of violence, crime and aggression. These neighborhoods have also taken on the names of slums and ghettos. The same areas where children are faced with growing up too fast because of the violence, crime and drug trafficking that has taken over these communities. Not only do these children and young adult face with these issues, they are also faced with the reality that in these disorganized neighborhoods, there is a breakdown of the traditional family thereforeRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is An Issue That Has Been Influencing Our Nation For Years?1408 Words   |  6 PagesNigeria, and countries in Asia are subjected to sex trafficking in Greece. Victims are there to sell goods on the streets, beg, and even commit forced shoplifting crimes. Human trafficking is a crime everywhere, but statistics are increasing. Many children are being sold for money to families who mistreat them often resulting in child slavery. Most poor women from the Balkan regions fall into loopholes when looking for jobs advertisements overseas. These advertisements promise a better life, betterRead MoreResilience Training Essay1553 Words   |  7 Pages As bullying continues to rise amongst children of all ages, it is absolutely crucial to not only find out what implications being victimized have on a child, but also find possible ways to eliminate the negative outcomes they endure. Current research has already gathered an abundance of information surrounding the effects bullying has on its victims. One area of current focus on bullying and victimization is the health effects. Serious negative mental, emotional and physical health outcomes have

Agile Methodology and Waterfall Methodology-Samples for Students

Questions: 1.Define what a Methodology is and the role it serves in Project Management. 2.Choose two methodologies from this list to Compare and Contrast. 3.Discuss about the Methodologies and Processes relate to the project life cycle. Answers: 1.The methodology is about how the project managers are able to employ for the design, planning, implementation and setting the achievement for the better project objectives. The adaptive project framework is based on the time and cost which is considered to be constant for the project scope with maximised business value. (Alliance, 2016). The project managers work on delivering the projects and setting principles, themes, frameworks and processes that are sets to provide a stack with PMBOK or XP. This includes the delivering of the projects which includes the proper working collaboration and responding to the changeover following a plan. The set of values are defined with the principles to follow the process that needs to be applied to a particular object. Through this, there is also a major possibility to work on the individuals and the interactions over processes and tools so that there is an easy methodology setup. 2.Agile Methodology: This is based on the project management, where there is a need of handling adequate delivery of the process with improved framework that has been put to practice. The goal of the same is to improve the communication, teamwork and the development speed. (Sharma et al., 2017). Through this, there is a possibility to handle the sprints, scrums and the backlogs which are set with the ongoing framework development and maintaining the complex products. The approach is based on defining and setting the roles, to meet the tools in effective manner. The incremental forms of the delivery are found to be valuable with the easy shipping functionality. Agile is considered to be the technology which is for the setup for the self-management of the teams and for delivering and defining the goals that would be to create the health tension which would advocate for the small and the cross-functional team of people upto 9 in number. The collection is for the user stories defined und er the product ownership. Waterfall methodology: This is based on handling the SDLC where there is a proper project management approach to work on planning and handling the agile approach as well. The planning is based on charging and working over the plans which adhere to the requirements and delivering the project. The requirements need to be defined with the plans adapted through the necessary changes. (Ghafoor et al., 2017). The designing, implementation, testing and the maintenance is possible through this, where the approach mainly reflects about the scope to handle and revise the concepts related to the testing stage. 3.The agile technology is based on advocating with the cross-functional team where there is a need to handle the development with the team report. It works with the development and improvement in the progress of the team. (Campbell et al., 2016). The technology is facilitated mainly by enabling and leading the demos and the reviews with proper and best working. The optimisation and improvement is designed through the software development where there are other agile artefacts that could be leveraged and set in the creative agency world. The standards for the development project include the agile methods where there is a possibility to work in fixed budgets with providing heavy constraints. Waterfall is considered as one of the project where the requirements are fixed in a well-documented and clear manner. The technology is understood with the project that is short with no additional value which is gained from going agile. The approach of the project is to handle the details under a particular budget, with timeline and scope. The tasks and the testing stages are examined with the forms that include the changes that are designed in the concept stages. References Alliance, S. (2016). What is Scrum? An Agile Framework for Completing Complex Projects-Scrum Alliance.Scrum Alliance. Available at: https://www. scrumalliance. org. Campbell, J., Kurkovsky, S., Liew, C. W., Tafliovich, A. (2016, February). Scrum and agile methods in software engineering courses. InProceedings of the 47th ACM Technical Symposium on Computing Science Education(pp. 319-320). ACM. Ghafoor, F., Shah, I. A., Rashid, N. (2017). Issues in Adopting Agile Methodologies in Global and Local Software Development: A Systematic Literature Review Protocol with Preliminary Results.International Journal of Computer Applications,160(7). Sharma, A., Bali, M. (2017). Comparative Study on Software Development Methods: Agile vs Scrum

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Effects of insomnia on body and mind free essay sample

Effects on the Heart. Insomnia can raise the risk of developing coronary heart disease or ischaemic heart disease. However, this increased danger is very modest compared with other risk factors for heart disease. Effects on Weight. Insomnia or sleeplessness or wakefulness can cause weight gain and obesity. Obesity problem in the United States might have insomnia as one of its causes. Sleep deprivation or sleeplessness might disrupt the hormones that regulate glucose metabolism and can cause weight gain. The association between insomnia and obesity is strongest in young and middle-age adults. Effects of Insomnia on growth. Highest levels of growth hormones are released into the bloodstream when we are sleeping. Although release of growth hormones is a continuous process and our body releases these growth hormones throughout the day and night but the level of release is highest during night and when we are sleeping. Because insomnia or sleep deprivation results in a decrease in the release of these hormones, there is an adverse effect on height and growth. We will write a custom essay sample on Effects of insomnia on body and mind or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Effects of Insomnia on the healing process. Sleeplessness also weakens our immune system and a sleep deprived person will take more time to heal a wound than a normal healthy sleeper. There can be very bad effects of insomnia on the quality of life. Although Insomnia is not life threatening, except in very rare cases, where the person is suffering from fatal familial insomnia. Insomnia produces side-effects that can impact people of all ages. However, there are also differences in the way insomnia affects younger and older people. Effects of Insomnia on Mood and Quality of Life It has been found that the people suffering from severe insomnia have a quality of life as poor as people who have chronic problems, such as heart failure. If you are suffering from insomnia, you may complain of more daytime sleepiness, lack of alertness and memory problems. Insomnia also lead to irritability, more mistakes at work and school, and poorer relationships at home and office. Effect on Thinking and Performance. Insomnia makes it harder to concentrate and perform tasks. People with lack of sleep often complain of mental health symptoms such as nervousness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, restlessness and irritability. Reduced concentration. Insomnia or sleeplessness causes reduction in concentration. You cannot stay focused on the task at hand if you did not have a long and refreshing spell of sleep. Sleep deprivation impairs the brains ability to process information. Impaired task performance. If you stay sleep deprived for only 2 3 hours every night for a week, your work performance will be impaired. An Australian study reported that 17 hours of sleep deprivation causes impaired performance levels comparable to those found in people who have blood alcohol levels indicating intoxication. If a person who needs eight hours of sleep per night gets only six hours of sleep. This two-hour Sleep deprivation can have a big impact including :