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The Stinson Shipping Company

I think the Systems Theory Model is the most applicable in determining and explaining how everything went wrong at the Stinson Shipping Company. To begin with, the environment was extremely hectic. Tom Murphy was under considerable pressure to deliver the goods on time amidst the increase in business over the past three months. I think that it is quite possible that his supervisors had a â€Å"Git-R-Done† philosophy and Tom felt he had to adopt the same mentality to be a success in the position. There may have been some training issues as well because Tom should have known that the mixing of caustic lye and Hydraulic fluid would be dangerous; instead he was more concerned about weather the fork lift could lift the load. Both problems needed to be considered because it was really the combination of the two that caused the disaster. The Hydraulic fluid leaking caused the fork lift to fail which in turn caused the pallets to fall resulting in the caustic lye mixing with the Hydraulic fluid. There was really a failure to communicate on all ends. The equipment Manager, Mike Morello, jury rigged the fork lift and was no where to be seen. I would think at the least they all would have been observers making sure to spot for anything that could go wrong. When Bill Jefferson, noted drops of hydraulic fluid on the dock floor, he should have stopped and walked over to Tom instead of just waiving at him. The interaction of people machine and environment was dire but their was a breakdown. Even though information was collected, I don’t think the risks were really weighed out. I think the risk they were most worried about was should they risk holding up the shipment? Ultimately, he decision that Tom made was wrong, but still the accident could have been avoided had Mike stood his ground, The two of them supervised the loading, had Bill done a better job of communicating. Now Bill is covered with the chemical and being rushed to the hospital. This visit should have and could have been avoided. An investigation into the accident would help HR professionals to communicate the breakdown to management and enable them to set and enforce policy to prevent this from happening again in the future. Advanced training in Chemical reactions for all dock loaders and supervisors is important as well. When a company has the motto â€Å"Safety First† than safety trumps any other pressure or work related task. If this is mode of operand’e than the employees feel secure in making the right decision without the fear of retaliation from management.

Organization of relationships Essay

Functionalism Functionalism is perhaps the oldest, and still dominant theoretical perspective in sociology. This paradigm is based upon two related emphases: application of the scientific method to the objective social world, and use of analogy between the individual organism and society. The perspective was developed by Emile Durkheim, and expanded by Talcott Parsons in the 1950s. The perspective assumes: 1) that the application of the scientific method extends to the social world, 2) values provide general guidelines for behavior in terms of roles and norms, 3) institutions are generally composed of interrelated roles and norms, and 4) the society is a functioning organism composed of functioning institutions. Functionalists perceive the social world as objectively real – observable with methods such as surveys and interviews. Rules and regulations assist in the organization of relationships between members of the social body. These institutions of society such as the family, religion, the political system, even the economy are interwoven. They function congruent to social needs and aspirations. They are directed to the attainment of social objectives. Functionalism has the following assumptions: 1) the interrelatedness of institutions, roles, and norms is congruent with social needs; 2) social need is not necessarily physiological in orientation (it can be in the form of status acquisition); 3) gradual change is the main motor of social change (abrupt change is seen as something unnecessary and leading to social dislocation of actors); 4) objectivity is the primary qualification of social research (functionalism, later structural functionalism is highly correlated with the empiricist approach to social research); 5) the social world is generally governed by social actors. Functionalism addresses the following issues: 1) the evolution of roles and norms in a particular social setting, 2) the development of interrelated institutions, 3) the efficacy of long-term change, 4) the cohesive functioning entity, and 5) the importance of role-making and empiricist research. From the five sociological paradigms discussed, conflict theory seemed to be the least useful because: 1) It fails to answer the evolution of roles and norms in the society (it views morality as something created by power politics); 2) While it explains the efficacy of short term (abrupt) change, it fails to fully substantiate the saliency of long-term (gradual) social change; 3) It saw conflict as the only effective means of altering social arrangements, roles, and norms of the society – here, conflict is seen as a positive force of social change (the word ‘positive’ here is morally neutral).

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Bad Habits of Trusting Online Essay

One thing that I have learned as a young adult is that trusting is not always the best thing to do and in fact it could turn out to be the worst thing you ever did. Now working in the fast-food business every day, I learned that trust is more than just believing that someone else knows what they are talking about; trust is also about knowing what you’re getting whether that means a soft drink that is full to the top instead of half way, for a rude customer; or knowing that behind another computer screen there might not always be a good guy trying to help you get your money into your bank account. Instead their goal is to take your money and never be traced again. Trusting the internet with bank information, social security numbers, and personal information is the perfect antidote for online identity theft. This fraud is causing banks’ bad reputations, financial losses to thousands of Americans in the United States and will have a huge impact on E-commerce (activities th at relate to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet). In 2007, a study from Cyveillance, a company involved in cyber intelligence, showed that within the same two months, 1 million social security cards were thought to be stolen off of the internet; and in that same year online phishing which can be defined as the practice of using fraudulent e-mails and copies of legitimate websites to extract financial data from computer users for purposes of identity theft; had grown by fifty percent (Britt).Trusting the internet with social security numbers is one of the worse things to do, because it allows hackers more abilities and more information. So this means while you sit, frantic about how you trusted online sites, the bad guy on the other screen profits from their access to your credit cards, bank accounts and your identifying information. The worst part about it all is that after the fraud it is unlikely that the person who caused you so many problems would ever be caught or punished for their harm to you. Online identity theft allows cri minals to do crimes or things in your name, or even change bank account information. For some people like Amy Browne, a Yahoo Contributor and a mother, she was a victim of identity theft. Amy experienced a harsh battle for her identity, on Oct 19, 2011 Amy did not only lose a lot financially when her rent card was short hundreds of dollars, she also lost her son’s trust and love when she accused him of  stealing the rent money each time. What I understood from Browne and her experience with online identity theft was that it can be very confusing, scary, and hurtful. The real problem with identity theft is that it cannot be taken back, so for Browne and her family they suffered. The solution to making online phishing decrease from fifty percent is to rely less on online interactions, because when an actual banker is in front of you he or she does not ask you for your social security number. Instead they let you type it into a pin pad, never having a chance for identity theft to occur. For banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, protection from identity theft have become extremely important to their companies, which is why they have incorporated tools and alerts, like password changes to help their customers be safer from online identity theft. With the frauds becoming more sophisticated, banks need to find better ways of identifying the crimes. For banks that do not want bad reputation, this means hiring more staff, or investing in technologies that help identify the acts of bank fraud .As Americans we are a bit greedy, and scared to lose what we have worked hard for. Some people spend years working a family business simply because of traditions dear to relatives that started family legacies. We all know that leaving our money at home in a safe is predictable, and that leaving it under our beds could be dangerous in case of a fire or flood. So we trust our banks. What we have found out through Daniel T. Woolley in his journal, â€Å"Journal of retail banking services, was that loses attributed to computer fraud, theft, and vandalism across all industry segments are currently estimated at $10 billion – and rising steadily. (Woolley.) Now hearing scary things like this make it hard to believe that the banks might not be much safer than online fraud, but it is safer, because banks are coming up with solutions to help their customers be completely safe from identity fraud. The solution is that trusting the banks may not be the best thing to some people because there are still occasions of identity theft within bank accounts, but what has to be recognized by consumers and customers is the amount of effort and time the bankers are taking to try and keep customers safe. In reality the banks will do whatever is needed to satisfy their customers, they need customers just as much as customers need them. Numbers of fraud within banks has fallen due to the regulations from the bankers. Teddy de Rivera, EVP of the Internet services group at Wells Fargo reports  Ã¢â‚¬Å"We know that because of all the tools we have in our layered security approach, as well as through relationships we’ve built with other banks, the actual losses we’re seeing — and we guarantee all online banking fraud losses — has actually dropped year over year† (Crosman). De Rivera does not prove his facts but the number of losses he suffered from at the bank were very little. De Rivera says that relationships with other banks and security have been the key to helping the numbers lessen. Being aware and educated about banking is the key to finding the best way to keep your money safe and accessible. Overall banks are more reliable than the internet because banks are constantly being looked at by bankers to help their customers with identity safety. In America today there are nearly eighty seven percent of people who shop online. E—commerce -activities that relate to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet –has had negative effects due to the amount of fraud and identity theft with online transactions. What this means is that online businesses like Amazon, and EBay are suffering from business loss. The amounts of threats are scaring their customers away. As Americans the enjoyable things are cheap and quick to have. Although everyone doesn’t look at price ranges most people would go for the lowest price they could weather they are rich or poor. For example Toms shoes were founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, who came up with a very inspirational theory to help children in need. With every pair of Toms that is sold another pair is given to a child in need. Not only does it feel good as a customer to know that you are hip and in style it also feels rewarding to know that you are helping others. Since the big boom from the Toms shoes Mycoskie has been able to donate ten million pairs of shoes to children in need. At the start Toms were fifty dollars a pair, now they can be found in places such as Nordstrom’s and EBay for way cheaper. As customers we want the best deals and online shopping does its best to help customers find those deals. Nordstrom’s sells Toms f or thirty seven dollars whereas EBay sells them for twenty five dollars. There are several benefits for online shopping customers, they are able to buy anything at any time, it is convenient, lots of discounts, and has a large variety. There are also disadvantages to online shopping as well, shipping costs, must wait for shipment, cannot inspect purchase physically, cannot use cash to pay, and not all sites are trustable, fraud number are increasing with online  purchases. On most sites like EBay and Amazon customers are able to leave feedback on their products which helps other customers to know the good and the bad in products, well when EBay made the decision to cut out their buyers reference with the hopes of better customer experience; customers argue the act will cause more fraud. â€Å"EBay said the changes to the feedback system will improve accuracy and accountability. Critics argue that the move could increase buyer fraud. Opponents have left thousands of comments complaining about the elimination of negative buyer references (eBay’s). One of the hardest things about online shopping is the trust, not know if you will get the actual item you are shopping for. About a year ago my mother was on the hunt by my side for Toms that were red; we looked in stores but could not find them, so we relied on the internet. After she put in her card number and her personal information we knew the transaction was complete. I remember waiting weeks and watching my shipment tracker as the days counted down for the delivery day, but when I got my shipment of red toms we were shocked to find that inside the random box not even Toms symbolized there laid a one dollar gold coin. My mother was not able to get her money back or a replacement for the wrong product which shoes how un-predictable online shopping can be. In some cases convenience is necessary but how helpful is it to shop online and get the wrong product, and end up having to wait or except a loss as my mother did. Fraud has become a very big issue in society today. The more willing and vulnerable a person is the more likely their chance is to be a victim of identity theft and fraud. Currently we live in a place that moves forty miles per hour daily, individuals now a days don’t just work one job and go home to their families, but instead a second or third job. Money has always had negative and positive effects on people’s lives whet her it helps build or makes loss, money doesn’t change. Just like money doesn’t change so doesn’t the people the Americans who steal, harm, and rob others via online fraud. Trusting someone else with your money that you work hard for can be hard whether you spend it online or in person, but the positive to buying all items in person is a valid recipe for returns, a trained worker to help with social security issues rather than an operator, and the fact that all in person interactions are going to be more recognizable than transactions online. As Americans we put our trust in a lot of people, fast-food workers, doctors, and bankers with that being  said we hope for the best outcomes and sometimes can be surprised at the carelessness, and disrespect of some of the people we trust the most. With online Identity theft growing so quickly and the knowing of the subject, as individuals we have to be more knowledgeable towards things in order to escape completely from fraud online. With each transaction online there is an unknown that could be a person, scenario, or problem. Americans have to recognize the damages of trusting the internet with bank information, social security numbers, and personal information because online identity theft is real. Don’t share personal information with the web. Citations: Britt, Phil. â€Å"Keeping up with fraudsters: to fight fraud, banks must gather information about current schemes and educate consumers.† Bank Systems + Technology Aug. 2005: 31+. Academic OneFile. Web. 11 Mar. 2014. Trusting the internet with social security numbers is one of the worse things to do, because it allows hackers more abilities and more information. So this means while you sit, frantic about how you trusted online sites, the bad guy on the other screen profits from their access to your credit cards, bank accounts and your identifying information. The worst part about it all is that after the fraud it is unlikely that the person who caused you so many problems would ever be caught or punished for their harm to you. Online identity theft allows criminals to do crimes or things in your name, or even change bank account information. Crosman, Penny. â€Å"Standing Guard.† Bank Systems + Technology 1 May 2010: 12. Academic OneFile. Web. 11 Mar. 2014. De Rivera does not prove his facts but the number of losses he suffered from at the bank were very little. De Rivera says that relationships with other banks and security have been the key to helping the numbers lessen. Being aware and educated about banking is the key to finding the best way to keep your money safe and accessible. Overall banks are more reliable than the internet because banks are constantly being looked at by bankers to help their customers with identity safety. â€Å"eBay’s Plan To Eliminate Negative Buyer Comments Draws Fire; eBay says  sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral feedback about buyers.† InformationWeek 7 Feb. 2008. Academic OneFile. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. EBay will do away with negative buyer references, along with a host of other changes it says are aimed at improving customer experience. What EBay has to recognize is that by shutting their customers out and giving them no voice to be able to say how they felt about products is giving customers more reason to assume that EBay cannot be trusted. Woolley, Daniel T. â€Å"Electronic robbery: how to prevent huge losses in nanoseconds.† Journal of Retail Banking Services Summer 1998: 49+. Academic OneFile. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. Its hard to believe that the banks might not be much safer than online fraud, but it is safer, because banks are coming up with solutions to help their customers be completely safe from identity fraud. The solution is that trusting the banks may not be the best thing to some people because there are still occasions of identity theft within bank accounts, but what has to be recognized by consumers and customers is the amount of effort and time the bankers are taking to try and keep customers safe.

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Mgt wk2 group assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mgt wk2 group assignment - Essay Example The aspects which are set to deliberated are of significant influence to all stakeholders. After discussing the below effects, you as members of the board of directors are expected to spread the outcome well. You can execute this duty by adapting the availability of the social media like newspapers, radios as well as television. This is because this information will be made to be of close access by all our braches worldwide. These branches are our own and therefore, should not be exempted in any case. The prime aspects that affect the firm include natural disasters; those calamities which usually take place without human interference, human related disasters and unexpected spillage of oil (Schmidt & Wilhelm, 2000). There are still other smaller factors. They do not influence the company’s production that much, but they will not evade being mentioned in this case. They can be readily exemplified by the sharing of the market with other competitive oil firms as well as inflation. The last two ones affect our firm in many ways, although they may appear minor. There are some oil companies which are also performing excellently. This means that like us, they have even spread wings abroad. We all have a similar purpose of ensuring that their oil products sell well around the globe. That is why we face a terrifically strong competition while presenting our commodities in the market. A business firm does anything to ensure that it realizes success. This is the reason why the companies in question mostly sell their products at throw-away prices at our expense. This mostly comes about after the inflation of oil products inclusive of petroleum (Schmidt & Wilhelm, 2000). In many parts of the world where our branches are located, we are mostly confronted by violent climatic and weather conditions. This comprises of uncontrollable phenomenon like rain. Whenever it rains, the ground becomes extremely soggy, and most of

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Risk and Return Relationship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Risk and Return Relationship - Essay Example The essay "Risk and Return Relationship" talks about the characteristics that can influence risk as the probability of losing anything of value or uncertainty of a result. This paper also analyzes the risk and return relationship which is fundamental to the potential investment decisions. The risk is an outcome of those actions which are taken regardless of uncertainty. The characteristics that can control or influence risks are as follows: Using debt: Using debt in the business increases the chances of risk bear by shareholders, but it also results in the higher rate of returns. Optimal capital structure: Making use of optimal or most favorable capital structure balances the pressure or influence of risk and maximizes the stock price of the company. Aggressive management: Risk can be influenced by the aggressive management. The aggressive managers of the firm are more prone to utilize debt in order to increase profit. The relationship between risk and return is fundamental to the investment decisions, whether assessing a sole investment or selecting between different investments. Potential investors evaluate the relationship between risk and return when they have to make a decision regarding investment in securities like bonds or shares. It has been discovered that there is a positive connection between the risk and return. The securities which are riskier provide a greater return. However, Bowman found that there is a distinct and significant negative relationship between risk and return.

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Capstone Research Project Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 2

Capstone Project - Research Paper Example It is the view of this paper the Department of Homeland Security should come up with better screening strategies, efficient devices and trained staff in order to minimize or prevent any attack. Effective security is a matter of concern that should be paid attention to because it affects every nation (Silke, 2003). Globally, terrorism attacks have been noted to occur frequently in several countries. Such attacks usually end up in massive destruction because of lack of preparedness. Silke highlights that most of the attacks that have been reported occur during transportation and especially air travel. He states that long air travels are usually targeted because they give the terrorists’ time to plan the attack without being noticed unlike the short journeys. According to Silke (2003), many attacks are conducted by individuals or small entities that claim to have a relation with the Al-Qaida. Terrorism attacks in the United States still remain a matter of concern because they emanate from within the country and internationally. There has been an increase in the activities in the recent few years hence calling for the need of restructuring of policies and strategies tha t will counter the attacks. Counterterrorism success in the United States is reducing due to management and ineffective security actions in the security department (State News Service, 2013). Before the 9/11 attacks, screening for explosives in the aviation sector was limited to certain baggage especially those in international flights (Rollestone, 2012). After the attacks, the aviation and transportation security unit came up with strict policies and insisted on 100% screening of baggage on international flights to and from America. After the attacks, there was a safety upgrade in the transport sector where devices such as sensors, scanners and cameras that monitored the movement

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Take home exam for a Germany class Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Take home exam for a Germany class - Assignment Example He used this line of thinking to justify the Holocaust and to garner support from the citizenry. False. One of Hitler’s basic ideologies was acquiring Lebensraum, or â€Å"living space† for the German people. When he met with the leaders of the German military in November 1937, he charged them with this mission by ordering them to go to war by 1943. The minutes recorded for this meeting were, as he regarded them, his â€Å"political testament.† Since he also believed that non-Aryan races had to be cleansed from any place the Germans and the Aryan race would reside, it stands to reason that he would support pursing the Final Solution in other countries. Most concentration camps were located outside of Germany, in Poland. True. Hitler said these words in Mein Kampf. He believed that a peasant class, one that farms a country’s food, is essential for the moral and economic success of that country. He compared the German peasant class with the Russian serfs, saying that Germans were naturally better able to produce. Industrialization had harmed Germany, he said, and caused the weakening of the peasant class. He believed that Germany’s future depended on the conservation of the peasant. True. Hitler believed, along with many of his generals, that he possessed unique abilities and insights into war strategies. They also believed that his abilities to strategize and make good military decisions were the reasons for much of Germany’s successes in World War II, especially in the early days of the war. True: In Mein Kampf, Hitler claimed that he became an anti-Semite in Vienna, which had a large Jewish community, and was a center for religious prejudice. He stated that before seeing Orthodox Jews in Vienna, most of the Jews he encountered and associated with had been Germanized, and so like other Germans in their appearance that he considered them Germans. Before that, the only thing that

Customized bags Industry for Entrepreneurship class Essay

Customized bags Industry for Entrepreneurship class - Essay Example When shopping for a gift, consumers look for a selection that will make a lasting impression on the minds. Consumers perceive personalized gifts as value for money. In the face of global warming, depleting natural resources and increasing concern among the nature activists, the environment friendly custom bag industry upholds a good opportunity for willing investors and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to venture into. The objective is to start small and gradually scale growth. The method devised to enter the custom made bags industry is to set a web platform whereby customers will login to the website also choose the size and type of bag they want and then choose their favourite design or upload their personal photographs or set the names to be printed on the bag. However the crux of the plan is to provide only eco-friendly bags made from paper, jute and other natural fibres. Customers will also have the option to choose from a range of fashion bags made from post-consumption and industrial waste. Our website works as a bridge between the manufacturers of eco-friendly bags, designers and potential customers. Once an order is processed the bags will be customized using in-house expertise in printing and sewing and thereby delivered at the door step of the customer. To start off with we would cater to the needs and requirements of both retail and corporate clients. Retail customers would comprise today’s fashionable youths who value fashion accessories but at the same time are committed to keep the environment clean. The customized eco-friendly bags apart from serving their generic functionality also add a personal statement to the user. These custom made fashionable bags speak for themselves and gives the user his or her individuality. These bags can also be used as excellent gift items and this is where the corporate clients come into the picture.

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My Role in Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

My Role in Leadership - Essay Example Few concepts are more crucial to the human organization than leadership. Efficient leadership helps organizations in times of peril, making the set up more successful and receptive to change. Doing things effectively while influencing others enables the fulfilling of the set down objectives. It is essentially the backbone of productivity. The absence of efficiency in leadership proves to have dramatic effects. Because of good leadership skills, it is not easy to lose track of what is important. Much of the challenges that are associated with leadership success lies with decision making and implies that complete and accurate decision making ensures prosperity. What are you going to do next? What issues, questions, and dilemmas are you going to explore further? Why and how? How will this influence who you are and how you relate to others? It will be important to influence the thoughts, attitudes, behavior and inspire others as a good leader. As a leader, I will set directions for my peers and help them focus on what lies ahead. Through this forecasting, a good visualization of what is achievable will be evident. Without this visualization of the benefits associated with the good leadership, it is likely that our way of organizing things will easily degenerate into conflict and argument. An effective execution of leadership will ensure that my personal perception by others is greatly influenced by the enormous benefits of respect.   This is a good way of staying relevant to my peers as encourage and instill positive values in them.

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Case Study 4 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

4 - Case Study Example isorder – Observation of thin, tired-looking, fatigued, weight loss, poor appetite, muscle weakness, skin warm, dry, flat affect, provides little detail in answers, indecisive, has difficulty concentrating depressed mood or anhedonia (absence or pleasure) for at least 2 weeks. (Pg 53) sleep disturbance, weight loss, loss of appetite, loss of sexual interest (Pg 59-60), Patients with depression may display poor or lapsed hygiene. Pg 61 May cause a patient to be withdrawn (Pg 61), negative, slow, low-self-esteem Hypothesis 1: Major depressive disorder – genetics plays a vital role, results from abnormalities between brain hormones and neurotransmitters i.e. hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis; serotonergic, dopaminergic and noradrenergic systems. Depression might be caused by relational issues. Bereavement is among the most traumatizing, painful and gut wrenching experience a person will ever face. Grieving people often undergo various states during this period (regret, loneliness, withdrawal, intrusive images, depression, unhappiness, a feeling of being overwhelmed and depersonalization. These characteristics displayed by the patient made the diagnosis from settling on anemia, thyroiditis and insomnia. At first, the feelings of grief may seem to be forgotten. But, with time they evolve into bursts of depression which are brought about by the reminders of the dead/deceased (Astrid,

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Personal Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Personal Journal - Assignment Example , I read more textbook concepts of entrepreneurship that made me realize how my idea would be a combination of both the lifestyle firm and entrepreneurial firm in the 21st century. Whereas the restaurant aspect has and provides value for the customers, the customer interaction aspect will allow people the opportunity to live out their fantasies or try something they cannot do on their own without the risk. On sixth of January 2014, I watched the Shark Tank program, after which I became very passionate about entrepreneurship, getting many insights on how to launch successful upstarts in the highly competitive business environment today. I also read a fantastic article in the November issue of INC. Magazine, concerning how to build the right organizational culture within an entrepreneurial firm; I would definitely apply some of these principles in my business since a positive workplace culture promotes business performance while enhancing value for customers accordingly. In addition to that, I also read an interesting article in November about the Fast Company that implemented the â€Å"iPourIt† self-service draft beer system with the RFID wristband that keeps track of pours. This system is a brilliant idea of saving in bars by getting rid of ‘over-pours’ that often arise due to bartenders tipping beer out of heady glasses while allowing customers to self-serve. The saved â€Å"over-pours† could amount to great saves in revenue per year thereby promoting business by adding profits; such a phenomenon system would greatly boost my entrepreneurial idea of business since it also does adopt the self-service concept. I am interested in working for myself and being independent financially without having to depend on upkeep from my parents or on employment by working for others; I am passionate about social networking because it enables me to make connections with my old contacts to establish new ones through the friends I already have. Social networking enables me to

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Dramatic Climax Essay Example for Free

Dramatic Climax Essay How Does Miller Create Interest in Act Three, the Dramatic Climax Of The Crucible?  In Act Three of Arthur Millers The Crucible, tension rises in the courtroom of Salem as John Proctor, Giles and Francis strive to save the lives and respect of their wives. As the trials progress, the audience concentrate more on certain individuals and how they struggle to maintain power and authority in the courtroom. Miller called his play The Crucible because a crucible is a container in which metals are heated to extract the pure element from dross or impurities. In Act 3, John Proctor is tested in a life threatening ordeal and his choice of death rather than betrayal of his conscience shows us that he too has come through the fire to be purified. This creates interest because the comparison of Proctors situation and going through fire to be purified is powerful. Going through fire emphasises on the pain he must suffer. The audience sympathise for his pain and suffering and so they are interested in Act 3 to see the consequences of the dramatic climax. The main focus of Act 3 has to do with determining who will define innocence and guilt. Proctor makes one audacious gamble for this authority by finally overcoming his desire to protect his reputation, exposing an inner secret sin. He hopes to replace his wifes blame with his own guilt and bring Abigail down as well in the process. He reveals his private life to examination, hoping to gain some authority, but he does not realise that the competition is high, people may show more energy in the delivery and presentation of their speech. Too many reputations are at stake and Proctors surprise comes too late to stop the avalanche. This also creates interest as Proctor is the protagonist who the audience are encouraged to focus on and sympathise with. Proctor making this audacious gamble interests the audience, builds up to whatever the outcome may be, the dramatic climax. Desperation and persuasion are emotions involved within this act. There is a great deal of climax and suspense displayed using many different dramatic devices. Dramatic devices are made to engender interest in the audience. The dramatic devices present in this act seem to follow an order of operation, of starting with the least dramatic to the most dramatic. As more devices build up, more interest is likely to develop. The development of interest is then switched to the climax (turning point). The act starts with a common device such as character interaction. Character interaction in Act 3 set in a courtroom is a lot different to usual character interaction:  GILES (beginning to plead): They be tellin lies about my wife, sir, I-  DANFORTH Do you take it upon yourself to determine what this court shall believe and what it shall set aside?  GILES Your Excellency, we mean no disrespect for-  DANFORTH Disrespect indeed! It is disruption, Mister. This is the highest court of the supreme government of this province, do you know it? The fact that Giles is cut off by Danforth before even managing to finish his sentence, shows that more power is on Danforths side whilst Giles is beginning to plead for freedom. It also shows that the pace of speech may be very quick as everyone is determined to get their message across. The effect that this gives is that questions and quick speeches build up suspense for answers. Also, Danforth interrogating Giles shows his authority and possession of power over him. The interrogation can also be seen as a dramatic device, it creates interest with the audience waiting for answers to the questions. Another dramatic device is the use of vocal variety. When characters interact in a different way of speech, it shows there is a change of behaviour. It grabs the attention and suspense of the audience and makes them wonder to where this may lead to. An example:  GILES VOICE (roaring) I have evidence for the court!  As Giles is roaring, there is a great sense of energy in Giles voice, as if he were roaring like a lion. This contributes to the idea of getting the message across to the rest of the court members and the energy makes the audience feel more alert, just like a lion would. This makes the situation more interesting as roaring isnt usually how Giles would react, so the audience are interested to know where the roaring would lead to. In Act 3, based on the courtroom scene, body language, gestures and even facial expressions play a key role of grabbing the audiences interest. These factors reveal the characters personalities depending on what their actions are like. If a characters actions are more open and broad, it may suggest that they are more confident and powerful. However, if a characters actions are reserved and tightened, it may suggest that they are under-confident and weaker:  PARRIS (sweating): These people should be summoned. (DANFORTH looks up at him questioningly.) For questioning. As Parris is sweating, this shows that he is anxious about his decision of the people being summoned, but then gains back his confidence when Danforth looks up at him, so he answers back at Danforths questioningly look. This interests the audience as there is a change of behaviour within a character.  Characters are at their upmost desperation for innocence and reputation, the matter of what is at stake and how do characters react really indulges itself into the drama. Death is at stake and characters are becoming more and more desperate progressing through the scene. Since the storyline is based upon witch hunting in Salem, the girls who are shown to be witches act out in an eccentric manner. The hysteria of the girls is shown dramatic as it displays what separates the sane from the insane and really engages the interest of the audience. Being set in a courtroom would mean that character interaction is shown from all angles. There is power to be shifted from someone who is higher in authority, and has more arguments to clear themselves from any kind misjudgement to someone who is unable yet desperate to defend themselves.

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Why Would You Study Philosophy Philosophy Essay

Why Would You Study Philosophy Philosophy Essay Several weeks ago, before the start of the 2013 winter semester my roommate asked me why I would take a philosophy class. My answer was a very typical response for a college student, credit hours. Later, I thought about my answer, there are hundreds of classes I could have taken. I could have taken astronomy, psychology, or an economics course. Each subject seems interesting enough, why did I choose philosophy? I found my answer on the first day of class. I took philosophy, because I didnt know anything about it. The thought experiments we did on the first day triggered an interest. At first, maybe it wasnt as overwhelming as the idea that there are billions of galaxies each containing billions or even trillions of stars. That it is possible for a psychopath to be conditioned into simulating the feeling of empathy. Even that from an economic standpoint it is impossible to eliminate pollution. Philosophy is a abstract idea to study, but it is extremely interesting. The word philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia which means love of wisdom. The key to philosophy is to be about being very critical towards any ideas, including things that seem certain. A philosopher has to ask critical questions or abstract questions on any subject. The reason these questions are asked is for the pursuit of the absolute truth. We have to think critically about everything we believe to be true, and even the thing we dont. The four branches of philosophy are metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and logic. Each branch asks a specific question. Metaphysics asks, What is? Epistemology asks, What do we know? Ethics asks, How should we act? Finally logic asks, What is the reason? Each is essential to the study of philosophy, but epistemology is the most important for answering the question Why study Philosophy? We all as individuals know that we exist in one way or another. In our existence we want to make ourselves better. One of the ways we improve is through s tudy. Studies generally make us believe we are increasing our knowledge, leading us to a certain, understood, clear world. Just by studying philosophy it brings us closer to the truth. Sometime after my roommate asked why I would take a philosophy class, I found myself reading a letter titled Why explore space? The letter is addressed to Sister Mary Jucunda, whom asked the question why spend billions of dollars on exploring space when there are so many starving children on Earth. Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, NASAs Marshall Space Flight Centers associate director (1970) responded with several good reasons including a story that took place some 450 years ago. A count lived in a small town in Germany; he was much appreciated because he would give a large part of his wealth to the poor in the town. The letter reads, One day, the count met a strange man. He had a workbench and little laboratory in his house, and he labored hard during the daytime so that he could afford a few hours every evening to work in his laboratory. The strange man created small lenses that he used to look at very small creatures under strong magnification. The count amazed by this invited the man to mov e his laboratory to the castle and to become a member of the counts household. This angered the townspeople when they realized that the count was wasting his wealth on a purposeless hobby. The people were suffering from plague and were begging for more money. The count promised to give them as much as he could afford, but said that he would also support the man and his work, because he knew someday something would come out of it. Something very good did come out of the mans work, he invented a simple microscope, the invention that has given the most to medicine, and helped eliminate the plague. So the count, by putting some of his wealth into research helped the people more than directly giving money to them. Using time, money, and effort on things that may seem abstract at the time may lead to incredible things. Studying philosophy is similar to the counts story, instead of studying more practical topics like language or mathematics studying philosophy will help us answer questions about ourselves that we have been asking for centuries. When we are answer some of these questions, we will know what really matters, again itll bring us closer to a certain truth. Now that I have started to understand the most basic ideas in philosophy, I am better equipped to answer my roommates question. I need this class, philosophy teaches something that no other course can. Philosophy teaches you to think for yourself, to be critical of theories, and to be critical of familiar and foreign ideas. Every educated person needs to take a philosophy course so they can understand what they are learning in all other subjects. Philosophy is also intriguing when questions about reality are asked. Questions in the metaphysics branch of philosophy may be the most abstract, but they play an important role in determining what we are. The idea that maybe, none of this actually exists is staggering to think about, but it is fascinating and is something people should think about. Just knowing the little I do about the subject matter of philosophy has caught my interest and will lead to me advancing and taking more courses like this one. My roommate know fully knows why I chose to take this course. I now know why it is essential for any student to take a philosophy class, perhaps even my roommate will take a philosophy course next chance he gets. Philosophy may seem slightly abstract now but in my future I can see myself using it to critically and logically think through situations. The reason why to study philosophy is to make yourself more critical in your pursuit of the truth.

Understanding Corporate social responsibility and its effects

Understanding Corporate social responsibility and its effects What is the Corporate Social Responsibility? business encompass the economic, legal ethical and discretionary expectations that society has of organisation at given point in time. [Carroll A B 1979 (497-505) a three dimensional conceptual model of corporate performance; a academy of management review]  ²societal expectation of corporate behaviour, a behaviour that is alleged by a stakeholder to be expected by society or morally required and is therefore justifiably demand of a business ². [ Whetten D.A.Rands, G. Godfrey P {2002} what are the responsibility of business to society]. To be a socially responsible corporation, a company must be more than legal and ethical person also. CSR is not always a legal necessity; increasingly it is an obligation. However a company has to be socially responsible even though it is not a legal obligation The corporate behaviour pyramid: [Aras G Crowther D (2008); The social obligation of corporation; Journal of Knowledge Globalisation1 (1), 43-59] The shareholder view: The social responsibility of a business is to make profit. (Friedman) The justification for this are: Pursuing profit will result in increase employment, generate economic growth, stimulate innovation, increase the tax take and generally raise living standards. Making profit is therefore itself a public good and is a sufficient purpose of business. Directors should be acting on behalf of shareholders. CSR too often means that directors are being charitable with other people money. Shareholders are free to use their dividends to contribute towards CSR if they wish. Business is not competent to deicide moral and ethical matters. Where is the domestic connection between what a business decides to spend money and efforts on and where that money and efforts are actually needed or wanted by society? Are CSR projects chosen simply because they are areas where directors, or their spouses, are personally interested? (ACCA study text-Business Analysis) The longer-term self-interest view: It is in the long-term economic self-interest of business to act in a reasonably responsible manner. (Drucker) Failure to do so will prompt legislation. Failure to do so will damage the business and even the industry. The public relations and enhancement of reputation arising from CSR will increase profit in the long term. CSR is therefore seen and justified as expenditure that helps to generate long term profits. (ACCA study text-Business Analysis) The stakeholder view: This view assumes that shareholders are simply one stakeholder among many, and that their interests are not necessarily paramount. There may be circumstances where shareholder interest has to be sacrificed for the greater good of other stakeholders. Quite how it is decided which stakeholders deserve generosity at any particular time is not clear. There is a danger that the stakeholders that benefit are those with most power which is not necessarily the same as the stakeholders who might deserve attention. (ACCA study text-Business Analysis) Workplace: The British Airways develop to supply a working environment that motivates, engages, supports and develops their colleagues. The intend of airline workplace is to encourage their colleagues to be committed to corporate responsibility and all colleagues onboard one destination. The airline is trying to work with new way. The airline aspiration to be the best is by safety of the people and functioning excellence with culture values. Equality and Diversity: Legislation, voluntary codes of practice and equality initiatives have resulted in some progress towards equality of treatment for minority groups at work, but there remains inescapable evidence of continuing discrimination. More recent approaches under the banner of management of diversity include the economic and business case for equality, the valuing and managing of diversity in organisations, culture change and mainstreaming of equality initiatives. (Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005 p.529) The British Airways is committed equal opportunity. Their policies aims to that no job applicant or employee receives less favorable treatment on the basis of their age, sex, creed, disability, full or part time status, nationality, or ethnic origin, race, religion or sexual orientation. Dignity and respect is at the hub of British airways diversity initiatives, focusing on the relationship between colleagues and customer, irrespective of their background, religion or culture. The airline ran a diversity week, holding a series of events to raise awareness of differences to help create a more positive and productive work environment. (International Air Transport Association (IATA) Airline employees 2008. City Business Library London) ( Employee retirement age: It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against someone on the grounds of age, i.e. against someone of a particular age or someone in any age band. The age discrimination legislation provides for a default retirement age of 65. Compulsory retirement ages below 65 are unlawful unless objectively justified. In addition, employees have the right to request to work beyond that age. Employers have a duty to consider such requests. ( The airline make an effort to fulfill new Age Decimation Act, The airline were operating crew and pilot retire age 55 but now are 60 and in future it will be exceed to 65. Training programmes: The airline deliver 211 to 215 days of training during the year, including 4,500 training days to cabin crew to enable them to deliver the very highest level of services to our customer travelling in premium cabin and 2,248 days to ground staff. Online mandatory training course for all colleagues was introduced this year. The premium services training programme allows approximately 11,000 cabin crew to receive expert training on services and the food and beverages offered on First, Club World and Club Europe. Development programmes: Strategy of airline is to develop workplace at level which leads the business through on current challenging operating environment. High Performance Leadership (HLP) is embedding a high performance culture amongst airline leader. The leadership capabilities that are needed to lead the business were defined and communicated and individuals performance against measured during the year. The capabilities are communicating a common vision, agreeing accountabilities and motivating and inspiring other. Employee induction: The purpose of induction in organisation to settle the new employee as quickly and efficiently as possible. The airline is trying to achieve the objective of induction and have introduced a new process to ensure that this happens. Employee relation: The airline is working with total of three trade unions demonstrating colleagues across the business. The new Human Resources (HR) model has been implemented. HR business partner now focus on good people management and employee relation and are responsible for day to day industrial relation matters. In addition, 15 effective IR (Interpersonal Relation) skills workshops were provided throughout the year, with 118 delegates presence. Line manager and trade union representatives were able to come together at these workshops to focus on joint problem solving. A further 75 manager attended our new introduction to industrial relation courses. Reward: The carriers cabin crew could see their pay docked by up to  £5,000 each as part of proposals put forward by the airline to cut costs. BA wants to cap the amount its 14,000 crew members can claim in allowances for working long haul flights. The proposal is in addition to changes to working practices that BA will impose from next month (Time online 28 October 2009) The British Airways is claiming in Corporate Responsibility report 2008-2009 that the airline developing good salary structure in the organisation help to create an environment that encourages sustainable high performance. The airline developed salary structure not only that salary costs can be managed more effectively, but also that salaries are internally equitable across roles and differences in roles and differences in responsibility, skill and performance can be recognised and reward. The airline is also functioning bonus scheme using a of financial and non financial performance indicator. Since 2005 airline Employees Reward Plan (ERP) has allowed non management employees to share in the success of the business based on achievement of corporate measures and targets. However, due to unfavourable trading condition, the scheme did not manage in 2008/2009. (Source: Marketplace: Market is human activity directed at satisfying need and wants through exchange processes (Kotler, 1986, p-6) There are two main pillars of marketplace customer and supplier. The airline is encouraging commitment to corporate responsibility and to build sustainable business. The airline is operating over 33 million customers and 2000 supplier. The airline is focusing on customer and supplier to secure the position as a global premium airline. 1-Supplier Its social responsibility for the airline to pay its supplier according to term. In reference that the airline paid their supplier on average, 91 per cent were on time in the UK for the year ended March 31, 2009.The airline aim to exceed in next year. The airlines are party to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) code of practise on supplier payment and are dedicated to paying the supplier on agreed term. The number of days purchases in creditors at March 31, 2009 is calculated in accordance with the provision of the companies Act 1985 and was 32 days (2008: 33 days). The airline carry on to reduce the carbon footprint with the acquirer of environmentally capable aircraft (A380) and airline will have taken delivery of its first three by the end of June with a further 36 aircraft on order. Particular concern has been given to ensuring environmentally efficient and lightweight materials will be used in the construction of both. The airline also working in long term with Grundon, using their energy from waste plant to produce electricity for the National Grid 2-Customer In the market place customer are broken down into group with different ideas of what they want. The largest group is the one looking for a low-price, no frills services- but of course low prices often go hand in hand with low profits. The group who are prepared to pay for exceptional quality small, but probably more profitable as individual. The company has to decide where its own strengths lie in terms of meeting customer expectation, and then decide whether it is able to meet the needs of its chosen target group better than the competition can do it (Jim Blythe, Principle Practice of Marketing, 2005, p-178) In these different groups of customer the British airways lies in the group D, which customer are willing to pay more for exceptional quality, because the airline are operating at premium services. Premium customer also wants reliability and consistency in the services and customer also like the increased flexibility and the wider choice of movie, TV programmes, audio and interactive games. The main problem is that the airline failure to achieve the profit in the particular segment. British Airways World Cargo continues to focus on providing premium products. The airline people play a crucial role in providing the upgrade travel experience. They are committed to excellent services and are investing heavily in training customer facing colleagues. Some of customers are unhappy because the British Airways will start charging passengers up to  £60 to reserve a seat as part of the airlines plans to cut costs and increase revenues. (Time online, 25 September 2009) British Airways focuses on offering online services to retain old customers and to attract new customers. It has made several upgrades to the e-services offered on its website, online portal is helping British Airways to drive down costs and increase revenues. Almost a third of all the companys bookings are made on, with almost half of all European leisure fares sold via the UK site, as a testimony to its popularity with customers. The customers are also provided with the option to book hotels and hire cars through the website. In FY2009, the company introduced a new feature allowing customers to upgrade their booking at any time between buying a ticket and checking-in online. British Airways had launched a new service, allowing customers to check-in or access real time arrivals and departures information through their mobiles. Therefore e-services help the company to attract more customers, enabling it to generate more revenues its allows airline customer to offset the carbon emissions of their journey with all proceeds going towards UN-certified emission reduction projects. (Source: Community welfare programmes: Philanthropy encompasses those corporate actions that are in response to societys expectation that businesses be good corporate citizens. This includes actively engaging in acts or programs to promote human welfare or goodwill. Examples of philanthropy include business contributions to local communities, building education centre and charitable donations (Carrols model, ACCA text book P1 Professional Accountant) The airline continues to promote the community which one of the stepped to build a Community Learning Centre (CLC). Around 50,000 young people and adult learners on range of education programmes since its opening in 1999.The course are run in the Community Learning Centre with partnership of the United Nation International childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) focus on information and communication, Technology and the environment. The airline staff including (retired 3,500 and current) donated over  £630,000 ,their chosen charities through the airline giving Scheme directly from their payroll and airline also supported Children in Need and Red Nose Day across the airline raising over  £13,000 for charities in the UK and Overseas. Preceding years BA fun run raised in excess of  £55,000 for Cancer Research UK; during 2008/09 the airline World Cargo team collected and delivers over 95 tonnes of high quality gift, donated by employees from across the airline. The airline working with partnership United Nation International childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has raised over  £26 million since in 1994 and has changed the lives of helpless children across the world. The a (Source: Environment programmes British Airways impact on the environment involves the following: Climate Change The Climate Change Programme is CSR because it is about taking actions to reduce its impact on the environment. Climate change is a growing threat to the environment and to societies everywhere. British Airways actions on climate change go beyond compliance, demonstrating that it is taking voluntary actions to reduce its contribution to carbon emissions and better understand its impact on climate change. The British Airways climate change programme is focused on the following main areas: 1-Long term CO2 target: The airline develop long term plan to reduce CO2 by require the improvements in operational efficiency, investments in new aircraft technology, development of sustainable aviation fuels and investments in low emission technology in other sector of the economy through carbon trading. This trading is illustrates in figure below 2-EU and UK Emission Trading System (EU ETS): Airline will be fully sheltered by the EUs Emission Trading System from January 2012.The British Airways emission target has been set at 97 per cent of average annual emission in the reference period from 2004 to 2006. From 2013 the target is tightened to 95 per cent. British Airways set a target of total reductions in annual emissions of 125,000 tonnes of CO2, to be achieved over the five years 2002-2006. In 2004 the company agreed with the UK government to increase the voluntary target. 3-Carbon Efficiency: The airline is continuous try to reduce carbon by removing unwanted items from the aircraft to reduce the fuel burn, by developing light weight aircraft and modifications and simple changes such as the IFE spares pack removal, modifications to the World Traveller seats and the removal of the air stairs on 737 aircraft have already generated savings in excess of 6,500 tonnes of CO2. Carbon efficiency shows in following from 2006 to 2008. Airline is also developing procedure for the aircraft to taxi-out to the runway with an engine shout down wherever possible. This reduces fuel burn, CO2 and NOx emission. As comparison with Virgin Atlantic airline, on 24 February 2008 its become the first airline in the world to operate a commercial aircraft on bio fuel blend. The Boeing 747 flew a short flight from London to Amsterdam, using a 20% bio fuel and 80% kerosene blend in one of its four engines. Carbon Footprint: The airline is using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol corporate standard to measure the carbon footprint. The GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol Corporate Standard provides standard and guidance for companies and other organizations preparing a GHG emissions inventory. It covers the accounting and reporting of the six greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol- carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs), per fluorocarbons (PFCs), and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) ( The below graphs represent how the airline manage its carbon footprint year by year. Global ground emission footprint: The airline global ground operation generated a footprint of 164,535 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, arising from our building, vehicles and ground equipment. Global ground emission footprint (tonnes of CO2) (Source: British Airways producing 8% (1,626,262/ 20,670,517) CO2 emission of the total airlines. Virgin Atlantic Airways producing 1.8% (372,552/20,670,517) CO2 emissions of the total airlines in world. C02 emission by sector aviation is second highest CO2 emission producing in the world and most one energy industries. 5-Noise and Air Quality: Quota count is a system used by Londons Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted airports to limit the amount of noise generated by night-time aircraft movements Noise restrictions for a plane during take-off: 94 decibels (Maximum level) during the day. (Add times) 7am 11pm 89 decibels (Maximum level) in the shoulder period. (Add times) 6am -7am and 11pm to 11.30pm 87 decibels (Maximum level) at night. (Add times) 11.30pm to 6am These limits set by the Department of Transport (DfT) apply at 6.5km from the start of the roll, i.e. the point on the runway where the plane starts to move in order to take off. Planes that break the noise limits on departure at specific locations are fined by BAA:  £500 for the first 3 decibels over the limit and  £1,000 above that. (Source: BAA website 2008) EPNdB over 101.9 = 16 Quota Count EPNdB 99 101.9 = 8 Quota Count EPNdB 96 98.9 = 4 Quota Count EPNdB 93 95-9 = 2 Quota Count EPNdB 90 92.9 = 1 Quota Count EPNdB less than 90= 0.5 Quota Count EPNdB less than 87 is exempt =0 Quota Count (^ National Air Traffic Services (2007-02-02) (PDF). London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London Stansted Airports Noise Restrictions Notice 2007. Retrieved 2007-10-28) The airline noise energy has remained the same over the last three years regardless of an increase in the use of our aircraft fleet. The airline continuous achieved noise level of Department of Transport (DFT) which is Quota Count 0.5(EPNdb90-87=0.5 Quota Count) and also the airline has objective is to reduce the average noise per flight by 15 per cent by 2015. Airline already achieved a reduction in NOx emission through the adaption of Boeing 747 (RB211) engines and Boeing 777 (GE90) engines. Its plan to further modify Boeing 737 engines delivering a 20 per cent reduction in NOx. For all routines take off airline use reduced take off thrust which significantly reduce NOx emission. 7-Waste: Currently the airline is developing the procedure to recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, pallets, carpets, batteries, drinks cans and have removed general waste bins in many office areas to encourage recycling and with transporting components, the airlinehave reduced or replaced non recyclable packaging material with recyclable material. A paper crusher is used to produce packaging, which is used to protect aircraft components during transportation. In 2007 airline recycled 35% of its waste at Heathrow and Gatwick (up from 30% last year). (Source: Airline target is the recycling 50% of its waste by 2010 and the amount of annual waste managed through its contracts at Heathrow and Gatwick disposed to landfill reduced by 7.2% from 3,688 tonnes to 3,424 tonnes. At Virgin Atlantic also aim to achieve the recycle or reuse level 50% by 2012. To do this airline are choosing more items that are reusable recyclable or biodegradable and sourcing that use fewer materials. Business ethics What is ethics? Ethics is the set of rule prescribing what is good or evil, or what is right or wrong for people. What is business ethics? Business ethics means honesty, confidence, respect and fair acting in all circumstance. However, such values as honesty, respect and confidence are rather general concepts without definite boundaries. Ethics can also be define as overall fundamental principle and practices for improving the level of wellbeing of humanity. [David Crowther Guler Aras 2008 corporate social responsibility,p54] Ethical stances: The extent to which an organization will exceed its minimum obligations to stakeholder (Johnson, Scholes and Whittington) British Airways is committed to the highest standard of corporate behaviour from its Directors and employees. British Airways requires its entire people to perform their duties with efficiency and diligence and to always behave to customers and other people alike with courtesy and decorum. British Airways procurement process has strong controls to ensure that any dealings are open and transparent, avoids any suspicion of conflicts of interest, misuse of information and opportunity, confidentiality, fair dealing with customer and suppliers, proper use of company asset, compliance with laws and regulation. Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest occurs when an individuals private interest interferes or appears to interfere with the interest of the airline. As a matter of airline policy, employees must not leave conflict of interest unresolved unless approved by airline. In particular employees must never use or attempt to use their position at the airline to obtain any improper personal benefit for themselves, for their families, or for any person. Confidentiality: The airline has strict policy that all employees to maintain the confidentiality information about the airline, its customer, suppliers, or joint venture parties. Employees must maintain the confidentiality of all information so entrusted to them, except when disclosure is authorised or legally mandated. Confidential or proprietary information of our Company, and of other companies, includes any non-public information that would be harmful to the relevant company or useful or helpful to competitors if disclosed. Fair Dealing: The airline does not seek competitive advantages through illegal or unethical business practices. Each employee should endeavour to deal fairly with the companys customers, service providers, suppliers, competitors and employees. No employee should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any unfair dealing practice. Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets: All employees should protect the airline assets and ensure their efficient use. All airline assets should be used only for legitimate business purposes. ( Benefit of become good citizen The British Airways can obtain great number of benefit by fulfill the corporate social responsibility policies to the entire stakeholder, including the enhanced airline image (this in itself can lead to increase sales), health and safety benefit, ease of attracting investments and lowered cost of such investments, better community relationship (this can lead to easier and quicker approval of plans through the planning process), improved relationship with regulator, improved morale among workers (leading to higher productivity, lower staff turnover and consequently lower recruitment and training cost), general improved and relationship with customer. In particularly which include; 2009 2008 Goodwill  £m 4  £m 4 No of employees 42098 42121 Passenger revenue  £m 7836  £m 7600 [] Impact on key stakeholder What is a stakeholder? Any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organisation objective [ACCA course book P1 Professional Accountants] The classification of stakeholder There are two main way to classify the stakeholder, Internal v external: Internal stakeholder are those include within organisation such as employees, manager and director etc and where as external stakeholder are such group customer or suppliers who are generally not be of part of the organisation. Voluntary v involuntary: Voluntary those who have choice to engages with the organisation (employees, most customer, suppliers and shareholder) and involuntary those who have not choice to engages with organisation (local communities, neighbours, the nature world, future generation). [David Crowther Guler Aras 2008 (p30) corporate social responsibility] The corporate and social responsibility policies of British Airways greatly affect the stakeholders. The stakeholders of British Airways are the key customers, shareholders, employees, trade unions, lenders, Central Government, media, local community, pressure groups, local government and individual householders. I used Mendelowss Matrix for mapping the impact British Airways corporate and social responsibility policies on the stakeholders listed above. High Power Low Key Players E.g. key customer, active major shareholders, trade unions, employees, secured lenders. Involve Keep Informed E.g. Local Government, pressure groups, local media, local community, individual shareholders, individual customers. Consult / Inform Keep Satisfied E.g. Central Government, passive major shareholders, national media. Consider impact of action / inform Minimal Effort E.g. Individual shareholders living nearby. Ignore High Interest Low (ACCA study text-P1 Professional Accountants) Key Players: Key players are those stakeholders who have high interest and have high powers. The organisations strategy must be acceptable to them. Many business customers fly the same route on a regular basis. They want BA to do well so they can continue to use their service. Due to excellence of Terminal 5 the customer recommendations increase 61% to 65% But the shareholder little worried about the company performance because last two years the company was in loss. Keep Satisfied: Keep satisfied are those stakeholders who have low interest and high power to influence the policies of the company. The British Airways behaving these stakeholders are very well because the airline fulfill the requirements, like government and local community need good environment and less carbon emission which the airline successful are reducing carbon by 50% at end of 2050 years. Keep Informed: This group has high interest and low powers in company, but this group can be move to key player Colum. The British Airways ensure before every investment that laws and policy is full fill. Minimal Effort: This group has low power and low interest in the company. As British Airways can ignore them. These are individual shareholder or living near to airports. Conclusion It was a great idea to analysis the corporate and social responsibility policies of a division who is greatly involved in the production CO2 emissions and highly responsible for the climate change. During my research, I came crossways a number of facts, which I believe will help me to give a conclusion of my report. The facts are as under: The company started the operation in 1974 with the name of British Airways. During this period British Airways has build up an image as premium airline through its policies and positive image of its brand in the public. FY2009, Europe, the companys largest geographic market, accounted for 62.5% of the total revenues. I realise that the British Airways are more focus on Corporate Social Responsibility it might be effect on the company financial performance because its made loss in last two years. It is unethically for the sum of shareholder who wants profits from the company. British Airways is well behaving with their employees; who include the Induction, training, health and safety, promotion, high performance leadership, good salary structure and reward (ERP). At market place the British Airways failed to get reasonable profit from customer segment (premium customer), due to the airline did not report profit in last two years. Although the airline maintain good relationship with supplier through follow the code of practise (CBI). The airline maintain the position as Philanthropy (Carroll model), due to the airline continuously support poor world, people and working with UNICEF, UK Cancer and Research. The real fact is that the airline only make plan for reduction of 50% Carbon Emission (CO2) in 2050.But currently the CO2 more than last years. To achieving this objective the airline is need to invest in new aircraft technology, low emission trading project. For this objective the airline have good capita

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Use of Profanity by Shakespeare      Ã‚  Ã‚   The evolution of written profanity began roughly in the sixteenth century, and continues to change with each generation that it sees.   Profanity is recognized in many Shakespearean works, and has continually evolved into the profane language used today.   Some cuss words have somehow maintained their original meanings throughout hundreds of years, while many others have completely changed meaning or simply fallen out of use.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   William Shakespeare, though it is not widely taught, was not a very clean writer.   In fact, he was somewhat of a potty mouth.   His works encompassed a lot of things that some people wish he had not.   "That includes a fair helping of sex, violence, crime, horror, politics, religion, anti-authoritarianism, anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia, sexism, jealousy, profanity, satire, and controversy of all kinds" (Macrone 6).   In his time, religious and moral curses were more offensive than biological curses.   Most all original (before being censored) Shakespearean works contain very offensive profanity, mostly religious, which is probably one of many reasons that his works were and are so popular.   "Shakespeare pushed a lot of buttons in his day- which is one reason he was so phenomenally popular.   Despite what they tell you, people like having their buttons pushed" (Macrone 6).   Because his works contained so many of these profane words or phrases, they were censored to protect the innocent minds of the teenagers who are required to read them, and also because they were blasphemous and offensive.   Almost all of the profanity was removed, and that that was not had just reason for being there. Some of the Bard's censored oaths are;      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   "God's blessing on your beard"   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Love's Labors Lost, II.i.203      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   This was a very rude curse because a man's facial hair was a point of pride for him. and "to play with someone's beard" was to insult him.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   "God's body"   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   1 Henry IV,II.i.26   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Swearing by Christ's body, (or any part thereof,) was off limits in civil discourse.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   "God's Bod(y)kins, man"   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Hamlet, II.ii.529         Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The word bod(y)kin means "little body" or "dear body," but adding the cute little suffix does not make this curse any more acceptable.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   "By God's [blest] mother!"   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   2 Henry VI, II.i;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   3 Henry VI, III.ii;   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Henry VIII, V.i      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Swearing by the virgin was almost as rude as swearing by her son, especially when addressing a catholic cathedral as Gloucester did in 2 Henry VI, II.

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Prohibition :: essays research papers

PROHIBITION Paragraph 1: What it is, How it came about. Prohibition is considered as a period of time in the 1920’s when alcohol was controlled by the government. Alcohol, at this time in history, was illegal unless for medical or industrial purposes. This government control came about because of the fact that people were drinking too much and â€Å"destroying the moral fiber of America.† (Martin 76). Protestant congregations and women’s groups also wished to eliminate the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol has been part of American society since the colonist came over on the Mayflower. At that time, alcohol was safer to drink that the contaminated water or unpasteurized milk, and cheaper than tea or coffee imported from India and Spain. As time went on and technology improved, the need for alcohol diminished greatly. Political leaders at this time were seeing alcohol as a public curse. Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying â€Å"Alcohol . . . used by everybody, repudiated by nobody† (Cashman 68). Paragraph 2: The Enforcement Before the turn of the century, alcohol abuse was getting out of control. Employees were forced to pay the many liquor-related accidents that occurred at work. Saloons, outnumbering schools, libraries, hospitals, theaters, parks or churches (ns.headroyce 1), were everywhere and competing for the drinker’s money. These saloons had prostitutes, permitted gambling, sold alcohol to minors, encouraged violence and public drunkenness, and were believed to corrupt the local government into passing laws in favor of them. 1873, the Anti-Saloon League of America (ASL) formed to inform people about the harms of alcohol abuse. These people would march from church to the saloons with bibles and prayer. An onlooker was noted as saying, â€Å"These people have a noble cause at heart and the means to accomplish was needs to be done† (Martin 97). At the turn of the century, the ASL, along with similar groups, voted members into Congress with overwhelming support. By 1917, over two-third s of the members in Congress were ASL-supported. These members passed laws toward nationwide prohibition. Paragraph 3: The End In 1919, all 48 states ratified the 18 Constitutional Amendment, outlawing alcohol sales unless for medical or industrial use. For a while, this helped. However, a new generation was just coming of age in America. These young people were considered corrupt by the society outside of their own. The people drank, engaged in multiple love affairs, and openly disobeyed the law.

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Obama Administration proposed what is called Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It is composed of six sections aimed at fixing the current immigration system. It includes enhanced border enforcement, interior enforcement and the most controversial section; an amnesty program to legalize undocumented immigrants. In other words, it creates a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants that is fair and feasible. Many argue that even though Comprehensive Immigration Reform is good for America because it addresses important issues like creating a committee to adopt the number of visas available to changing economic times, preventing people from working without permits and creating programs aimed at helping immigrants adjust to life in America. Yet it rewards violators of current U.S. laws who entered the country illegally, and those who entered the country legally but overstayed their visas. Opponents of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal claim that immigrants have a neg ative impact on the economy; overwhelming social services of many states, and posing a threat to American workers as a result of big corporations exploiting immigrants with low wages and poor working conditions. With the recent economic downturn and the severe recession that hit the U.S, many individuals blame immigrants for their economic misfortune and lack of employment. For both the opponents and proponents of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Proposal, for the millions of the undocumented immigrants and their families, and lawmakers; immigration has become an emotional political issue. Despite the resistance of many, America should embrace comprehensive immigration reform. The current immigration system is separating families, and devastating w... ...e private sector to find new growth opportunities and create new jobs. Furthermore, America always has been, and always will be a country of immigrants. Despite that rich tradition, Congress has not updated the country’s immigration policies in three decades. However, Congress now has an opportunity to fix the immigration system and improve the economic well-being of all Americans. Failure to address the issue will have severe consequences for America’s future and well-being, and that is why how America reforms the immigration system will determine its future. The current immigration system is outdated, broken, and reveals that Comprehensive Immigration Reform is urgently needed, and is good for America’s workers and the economy. Despite the claims, complaints and the resistance of many, Americans should welcome, accept and support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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Suicide in the Trenches Analysis

Suicide in the Trenches – an analysis What is the meaning of war? What is war like? How do soldiers feel in a war? Glorious? Depressed? This poem accurately shows the harsh but sadly true reality of war – death, suicide and depression. Indeed, as quoted by Sir Williams Henry – â€Å"Nobody in his right mind would enjoy war†. The point of view is third person. This is effective in showing one case of suicide, in third person observation, representing the depression and desire to quickly die in everyone else. Life is really worse than death – and this is shown through the eye-catching title â€Å"Suicide in the Trenches†.The word â€Å"trenches† further emphasized that not only is this depression possessed by one young soldier boy, but also by many others in war. The setting is in depressing, smelly, and stuffy trenches as the title has blatantly stated. The story is about a young soldier boy’s transformation from a happy and inno cent person into a depressed soldier who desires to kill himself, because life is really worse than death. The poet deliberately uses the small boy as an example to gain the reader’s sympathy. The structure of the poem is three stanzas with four lines in each. The rhyme scheme is A-A-B-B in each stanza.This seems to be a rigid structure, but it really does bring out how one’s initial carefree innocence and freedom is being lost once he enters the cruel and depressing battlefield, or in this case, trenches. The tone in the poem is obviously a bitter and sarcastic one as we can see from the last stanza – â€Å"You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye†¦ †. Sassoon strongly feels the general public is unable to empathize with soldiers because there is no way to understand what war is like. Through this bitter and sad poem, the poet tries to bring out the theme of the poem – nobody can understand what war is like without personal experience.The lang uage the poet uses is clever in conveying the theme – a balance of symbolism, diction and alliteration is put to effective use in this poem. Something we cannot miss is the alliteration in the first stanza â€Å"slept soundly†. The repetition of the letter ‘s’ produces a harsh hissing sound, and this contributes to the bitter tone throughout the poem. Also, it puts emphasis on the phrase â€Å"slept soundly†. As we all know, people who can sleep soundly are those who have no worries and nagging troubles before going to bed. This highlights how the boy was so innocent, without any worries at all, at the start of his xperience in war. This is also brought out in â€Å"whistling†, an action done only when one is happy and carefree. The trenches symbolize the rotting function of war in the case of the poem. Throughout the year till winter, the trenches had apparently transformed a carefree, innocent and happy boy into a depressed, boy who â€Å" put a bullet through his brain†. The alliteration of the letter ‘b’ here also further creates a harsh, brute and bitter sound that adds on to the bitter mood, especially at the climax of the story told – the suicide.The clever rhyme of â€Å"brain† with â€Å"again† at line 8 tries to strike a connection that although a young innocent boy was dragged into war and fought violently for his country and himself, in the end, when he is being pushed to his limit, still â€Å"nobody spoke of him again†. This shows how cruel and selfish war is. It forces you to help – at such a young age – but yet does not remember or appreciate what you have done and sacrificed. In this case, the boy sacrificed his childhood fun, laughter, innocence and carefree life in return for nothing at all – not even a memory of him.How is war cruel? This is the perfect example. The diction used in the poem is especially strong. In the last stanza, t he word â€Å"kindling† is being used to describe the â€Å"eye(s)† of the â€Å"smug-faced crowd†. One must notice that this line is only devoted to facial description, and the â€Å"kindling† seems to be also a superficial countenance feature only. However, Siegfried tries to show with a sarcastic tone that they think that war is a glorious thing, they feel proud of these children, and seem to understand and appreciate what they are doing.But in reality, they can never imagine what these children are going through, and in reality, they don’t care or feel appreciative of what the children did. Therefore, the word kindling reveals the hypocrisy behind people who support war. In my personal opinion, the last stanza is the strongest and most impactful stanza. While the previous two stanza show the transformation of a single boy when he enters war, the last stanza directly attacks people who support war itself, at the thought of its glory and honor, b ut not give a thought about the â€Å"pawns† dying and suffering in war. Sneak home and pray you’ll never know† shows that while the hypocrites support war, under the glorious facade, they are not willing or are too afraid to think of the consequences, sacrifice and price of this meaningless war – a big price that separates thousands of families and destroy tens of thousands of children. The poet is just trying to use an extreme and most serious example to illustrate his point. Indeed, war is just so cruel – it takes away, but does not return – not even a single memory for dead people.It totally transform people from their happy and carefree state, into murderers constantly depressed and worried for their lives, yet guilty they killed their own kind. In war where humans are just pawns for a game of chess, nobody will understand how a soldier feels – constantly killing his own kind to defend himself, lacking in sleep, separated, maybe f orever, from their families and friends – unless they undergo war itself. I would like to end off with this quote from the U. S. Military force – â€Å"Nobody would understand a soldier, except for the soldier himself†.Contrastingly the Second Stanza curtails the mood of happiness and innocence, abruptly introducing the horrors of war, using descriptive language such as describing the trenches to be, â€Å"Winter trenches. † It is Sassoon's Juxtaposition in the swing of mood and ultimately the contrast between the characters love of life to his sudden hatred of life, resulting in suicide†¦ â€Å"He put a bullet through his brain† that shows the audience both the thematic idea and Sassoon's criticism of War's destruction of Innocence.

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Leasing Research Paper Essay

A select is a contract written among two people hotshot of whom is the possessor of a position lending it to an separate(prenominal) party who uses it and gives financial compensation for the exchange. thither are some different types of employ arrangements for property. They include full service, web, percentage, and gross demands (Lank, 2003).To set out with, full service rent is approximatelyly used by dwells who use multi- tenant superpower staff buildings where the landlord provides all essential take to the woods to his or her lessee (Kennedy, 2005). Such landlord-provided services include wet as well as tribute. other(prenominal) kind of contract is the gross guide whereby the tenant patch ups for the gross rent entirely the landlord accepts for the maintenance, insurance, and also the property costs (Steingold & Steingold, 2010). Conversely, the net take away is implemented whereby the tenant takes line of point of germ for all expenses and ame nities which he or she needfully to use in the discharge of his or her business (Peca, 2009). On the other hand, percentage charter plays out when the tenant pays a percentage of the gross revenue (Tamper, 2002). Further, when calculating the gross revenue, unmatched has to educe all the items that might oerstate whizzs revenue, for example, items that whitethorn overstate sales. on that point are other lease call which need to be taken into circumstance when entering into a contract link to a lease property. They include lease hold emendments which, if overlooked, can ultimately be actually expensive. Knowledge of these issues ensures that the landlord makes some(prenominal) needful renovations or else leave it open for the tenant to improve for himself or herself, as per trustworthy guidelines and restrictions. In addition, the lease length matters since the length depends on the landlord, all the amenities offered, as well as the tenant.The advantages of leasing building, medical equipment, and constituent furniture and equipment include Flexibility, when we lease a building, in that respect is room to relocate to a nonher area which suits our provision of medical services to the people. This arrangement can enable us to shift our services to a determine where we can access more(prenominal) customers than if we built it in a place where there is low demand for our services.Moreover, there are few responsibilities attached to the management since most of the responsibilities are diped onto the land lords, indeed increase the turnover. Conversely, there is less measure paperwork since the income tax will be simpler to file. This is be case building owners normally pick up very many forms to shoot which will non be position in leasing.When we want to run the business without affecting the silver flow, it will be more beneficial to preserve the cash flow by leasing equipment rather than acquire them since risque initial cracki ng is required to acquire the medical equipment. Further, when we lease equipment, it helps to honour and build a strong credit earth which helps to expand the working capital through smaller initial investing (Haight & Singer, 2005). Further, such an initiative helps in decrement of tax since one does not pay tax on the leased properties. In turn, this helps the business to regain money fagged on regular expenses which are change to increase credits and deductions.Lease of property allows business operators to satisfy the business needs on the allotted bud educate which is more flexible than when purchasing a commodity. Leasing agents incessantly try to please their customers and consequently unendingly offer upgrades. The initial capital of upgrading your equipment is because elevatedly minimized since one does not secure them but the leasing agent improves his equipment. This allows one to use improved equipment. The cost of purchasing equipment is spread over a pin e period of time. aft(prenominal) leasing the equipment, it is still puddle by the leassor thus one has security of their money, therefore fashioning one to have a credit check pass rather than other forms of finance. A lease contract is always fixed, therefore making it easier to budget.The major(ip) disadvantages of leasing property are that there is no ownership of property or equipment. One cannot thus upgrade his or her equipment to improve the performance of ones office. If the equipment becomes outdated, one cannot sell or shed them without paying much money so as to cancel the contract. The purchase of the equipment whitethorn be very hard since it may be difficult to arrange for the purchase which is not simple. Rather, arranging for the purchase of the broadly speaking very expensive items is easier. Sometimes it becomes a long-term expense, although it saves one from paying a large sum of money at once.This is clearly seen when one uses the standard lease wherein on e pays for the cost of purchase with the charges of the leasing corporation. After a leasing period expires, one has to celebrate paying rent so as to use the equipment. The money one pays for an equipment is thus considerably more than the actual pronounced price of the intersection. Although one has not purchased the product, he or she has to maintain and repair it. If one lacks trained personnel, it may prove to be very expensive when a major repair is required, thus increasing the periodic payments (Perlis & Bradley, 2004).A lease has a high interest cost because the lessor makes returns from the leased products, implicating that they get high returns thus making their stiff more qualified to borrow so as to purchase other additions. at that place is lack of the recovery value of the product if one needs to purchase the product. This is unembellished in products which depreciate in value. on that point is also difficulty in change the products. This is because one is proh ibited to make improvements on the products without the owners approval.It makes it hard to redact finances on the leased property, thus making the lender the security to improve the product. If a product becomes outdated, one continues to pay for it till the lease period is over and even continues to use it even if it increases the labor cost of ones products. on that point are other expenses which follow if the owner had not paid for them, for example, one has to mark property if the owner had not insured.If you have to purchase a property, you lack background information about it unless a near neighbor sells to you, a situation which makes many leases to be inflexible (Boiron & Boiron, 008). When one wants to purchase a product, the market is usually inexperient to the resold product. There is also depreciation of the asset value before the end of the lease period.When it comes to selling of the companies head office, it is a very bad idea to sell and lease it again as this can cause a lot of damages to the companys outlook if the owner decides not to lease it back. Further, we have to go and essay for another to lease. If we decide to get any mortgage give, we shall lack property to look us in securing a loan which can help us run the business. The advantage of selling the head office is that we can shift to an area with high market for our services.ReferencesBoiron. P. & Boiron, C. (2008). Commercial actual ground investing in Canada The complete reference for real estate. Hoboken, NJ can buoy Wiley and Sons.Haight, G. T. & Singer, D. (2005). The real estate investment handbook. Hoboken, NJ John Wiley and Sons.Kennedy, J. (2005). The small business owners manual Everything you need to know to live up and run your business. Career Press.Lank, E. (2003). red-brick real estate practice in New York For salespersons and brokers. La Crosse, WI Dearborn received Estate.Peca, S. P. (2009). rattling estate development and investment A comprehensive approach. Hoboken, NJ John Wiley and Sons.Perlis, A. & Bradley, B. (2004). The wildcat guide to buying a home. Hoboken, NJ John Wiley and Sons.Steingold, F. S. & Steingold, F. (2010). Legal forms for starting & footrace a small business. Berkeley, California Nolo.Tamper, R. (2002). get the hang real estate mathematics. La Crosse, WI Dearborn Real Estate.