Friday, November 1, 2019

Internal Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Internal Marketing - Essay Example (Tathman, 1978, no page) Creating an enabling kind of culture. This is only done when each and every employee is empowered by their management when they allow innovation, creativity and when they allow different kinds of initiatives and take further responsibilities. Ensuring rewards. Each and every kind of an organization must ensure that they are providing their customers and their employees the best thing and along with this when their employees perform well then they should reward them with extra amount, or with extra bonus. Fairness during hard period. There should be a fair treatment when employees are working together they should be treated equally so that they can perform better in an organization and when the performance improves, then automatically they will generate good results. When different people are working together in an organization they are thus there to perform in the most efficient manner. They should thus work very hard in order to generate the best results so that their organization can be prosper and remain competitive. (Tathman, 1978, no page) Internal marketing along with all its activities encourages their employee to perform better and more efficiently. Internal Marketing leads their employees to empower, give them a form of accountability and create a common mean and a common way of understanding their business organization. IM helps to encourage employees in order to offer superb service to all their clients by appreciating their valuable kind of contribution towards the successes of their business, it also helps the non marketing staff in order to learn and make them able in order to perform different forms of staff in the marketing field. It helps in improving the customer retention as well and in the development of the employees of the organization. (Tathman, 1978, no page) Along with this internal marketing integrates the business structure, business culture, the human resource management, social and professional needs and the strategies and vision of the employees. It helps in creating good cooperation and good coordination among the departments of their business. Following are some problems, which effect the implementation of an internal marketing Interpersonal managerial incompetence, the conceptual and technical skills are some of the hard blocks against the successful internal marketing. The poor understanding of all the concepts of an internal marketing. Different types of conflicts, which occurs between individuals and between the departments. Internal marketing is termed as an important tool for implementation. It helps a lot in communication and apart from this it also helps a lot to overcome any kind of resistance for any kind of change. Internal Marketing informs and involves all the staff members in any kind of new initiatives and in all the kind of

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