Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Analysis of Walden Paddlers company business model Assignment

Analysis of Walden Paddlers company business model - Assignment Example Problems (1-3 problems) Walden Paddlers Company has been facing the following problems namely: 1. Whether the company should remaining being operated by two people, become a virtual corporation 2. Problem of finding alternative products 3. The problem of finding potential markets (Yang, 2015). Existing Alternatives Walden Paddlers Company had the following options; 1. Focus on kayak market and produce limited number of orders 2. Execute aggressive Kayak market expansion 3. Diversify into other recreational products. Solutions to each problem 1. The company grew tremendously, creating a need to grow virtually which made it able to reach customers located in different parts of the world 2. The company found a new alternative product called paddlers that were cheaper and affordable. 3. The Kayak market was full of giant companies; Walden focused on retail market segment and targeted school and college students (Yang, 2015) Key Metrics The key parameters, in this case, that shows the com pany success include; increase in revenues and sales volumes. i). Helping people to pursue outdoor paddling pleasure in a healthy way ii). To provide clean and suitable living by recycling waste products iii).

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