Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Managing Behaviour in the Classroom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing Behaviour in the Classroom - Essay Example Few of them are private or public schools that are attended by minority of the children. Other than this, there are schools that are operated by charities and the children’s fee is paid by local authorities. (Cameron, 1998) Due to the range of types of pupil that are enrolled in schools all over the state it becomes difficult to adopt a specific strategy for all of them. Therefore, the class behaviour has become a challenge for the administration. The challenging behaviour of the students in the class is considered the most stressful part of the teaching. It is the one and only aspect of school life that most likely becomes a challenge for most of the teachers. The fact to be considered is that great teaching is all about the relationship that is built between a teacher and a student. This means there is no magical formula that can transform the poor behaviour of the class into a class that holds a proper decorum and sophistication. However, if the management improves this problem then there would be widespread benefits not only on small scale, for schools and colleges, but also on the massive level i.e. the society. The problematic behaviour in the classroom affects a very wide variety of people. It also varies in a wide range from threatening the security and attainments of the other students to the source of stress for staff as well. Some of the behavioural problems can be unhealthy for the learning experience for a particular person of the group. Also, there are few misbehaviour types that the professionals have to go through while teaching post graduate students. For instance, attention-seeking behaviour is the type in which students usually interrupt others while speaking. Another misconduct type is the inappropriate conversations that include topics like alcohol, drugs, and sex etc. The next type is defiance in which students tend to challenge the authority by not refusing or not complying with their commands. Other than this, inappropriate

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