Friday, July 26, 2019

Take home exam for a Germany class Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Take home exam for a Germany class - Assignment Example He used this line of thinking to justify the Holocaust and to garner support from the citizenry. False. One of Hitler’s basic ideologies was acquiring Lebensraum, or â€Å"living space† for the German people. When he met with the leaders of the German military in November 1937, he charged them with this mission by ordering them to go to war by 1943. The minutes recorded for this meeting were, as he regarded them, his â€Å"political testament.† Since he also believed that non-Aryan races had to be cleansed from any place the Germans and the Aryan race would reside, it stands to reason that he would support pursing the Final Solution in other countries. Most concentration camps were located outside of Germany, in Poland. True. Hitler said these words in Mein Kampf. He believed that a peasant class, one that farms a country’s food, is essential for the moral and economic success of that country. He compared the German peasant class with the Russian serfs, saying that Germans were naturally better able to produce. Industrialization had harmed Germany, he said, and caused the weakening of the peasant class. He believed that Germany’s future depended on the conservation of the peasant. True. Hitler believed, along with many of his generals, that he possessed unique abilities and insights into war strategies. They also believed that his abilities to strategize and make good military decisions were the reasons for much of Germany’s successes in World War II, especially in the early days of the war. True: In Mein Kampf, Hitler claimed that he became an anti-Semite in Vienna, which had a large Jewish community, and was a center for religious prejudice. He stated that before seeing Orthodox Jews in Vienna, most of the Jews he encountered and associated with had been Germanized, and so like other Germans in their appearance that he considered them Germans. Before that, the only thing that

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