Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Personal Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Personal Journal - Assignment Example , I read more textbook concepts of entrepreneurship that made me realize how my idea would be a combination of both the lifestyle firm and entrepreneurial firm in the 21st century. Whereas the restaurant aspect has and provides value for the customers, the customer interaction aspect will allow people the opportunity to live out their fantasies or try something they cannot do on their own without the risk. On sixth of January 2014, I watched the Shark Tank program, after which I became very passionate about entrepreneurship, getting many insights on how to launch successful upstarts in the highly competitive business environment today. I also read a fantastic article in the November issue of INC. Magazine, concerning how to build the right organizational culture within an entrepreneurial firm; I would definitely apply some of these principles in my business since a positive workplace culture promotes business performance while enhancing value for customers accordingly. In addition to that, I also read an interesting article in November about the Fast Company that implemented the â€Å"iPourIt† self-service draft beer system with the RFID wristband that keeps track of pours. This system is a brilliant idea of saving in bars by getting rid of ‘over-pours’ that often arise due to bartenders tipping beer out of heady glasses while allowing customers to self-serve. The saved â€Å"over-pours† could amount to great saves in revenue per year thereby promoting business by adding profits; such a phenomenon system would greatly boost my entrepreneurial idea of business since it also does adopt the self-service concept. I am interested in working for myself and being independent financially without having to depend on upkeep from my parents or on employment by working for others; I am passionate about social networking because it enables me to make connections with my old contacts to establish new ones through the friends I already have. Social networking enables me to

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