Saturday, July 27, 2019

Capstone Research Project Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 2

Capstone Project - Research Paper Example It is the view of this paper the Department of Homeland Security should come up with better screening strategies, efficient devices and trained staff in order to minimize or prevent any attack. Effective security is a matter of concern that should be paid attention to because it affects every nation (Silke, 2003). Globally, terrorism attacks have been noted to occur frequently in several countries. Such attacks usually end up in massive destruction because of lack of preparedness. Silke highlights that most of the attacks that have been reported occur during transportation and especially air travel. He states that long air travels are usually targeted because they give the terrorists’ time to plan the attack without being noticed unlike the short journeys. According to Silke (2003), many attacks are conducted by individuals or small entities that claim to have a relation with the Al-Qaida. Terrorism attacks in the United States still remain a matter of concern because they emanate from within the country and internationally. There has been an increase in the activities in the recent few years hence calling for the need of restructuring of policies and strategies tha t will counter the attacks. Counterterrorism success in the United States is reducing due to management and ineffective security actions in the security department (State News Service, 2013). Before the 9/11 attacks, screening for explosives in the aviation sector was limited to certain baggage especially those in international flights (Rollestone, 2012). After the attacks, the aviation and transportation security unit came up with strict policies and insisted on 100% screening of baggage on international flights to and from America. After the attacks, there was a safety upgrade in the transport sector where devices such as sensors, scanners and cameras that monitored the movement

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