Friday, July 26, 2019

Customized bags Industry for Entrepreneurship class Essay

Customized bags Industry for Entrepreneurship class - Essay Example When shopping for a gift, consumers look for a selection that will make a lasting impression on the minds. Consumers perceive personalized gifts as value for money. In the face of global warming, depleting natural resources and increasing concern among the nature activists, the environment friendly custom bag industry upholds a good opportunity for willing investors and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to venture into. The objective is to start small and gradually scale growth. The method devised to enter the custom made bags industry is to set a web platform whereby customers will login to the website also choose the size and type of bag they want and then choose their favourite design or upload their personal photographs or set the names to be printed on the bag. However the crux of the plan is to provide only eco-friendly bags made from paper, jute and other natural fibres. Customers will also have the option to choose from a range of fashion bags made from post-consumption and industrial waste. Our website works as a bridge between the manufacturers of eco-friendly bags, designers and potential customers. Once an order is processed the bags will be customized using in-house expertise in printing and sewing and thereby delivered at the door step of the customer. To start off with we would cater to the needs and requirements of both retail and corporate clients. Retail customers would comprise today’s fashionable youths who value fashion accessories but at the same time are committed to keep the environment clean. The customized eco-friendly bags apart from serving their generic functionality also add a personal statement to the user. These custom made fashionable bags speak for themselves and gives the user his or her individuality. These bags can also be used as excellent gift items and this is where the corporate clients come into the picture.

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