Sunday, April 28, 2019

Ethical Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Ethical Issues - establish ExampleThesis statement An investigation into the Parenting Programs in US prison Systems to assess the ethical issues of conducting these sorts of programs.The function a father to lead his child to become a productive and able citizen in the federation is significant. But in America, around 24 million children do not get enough bid and attention from their fathers (Leving, 2007). Besides, our society is responsible to lead these children towards the right path in their future life. For instance the Council on Responsible Fatherhood situated in Illinois plays the crucial role by conducting parenting programs to tackle this challenge. This Council aims to help the children in Illinois to grow with their fathers. The council is planning to instill awareness among the mass by conducting a number of programs like regional Meetings, Statewide Symposiums etc. One of the missions of the Council is to raise public awareness on the consequences of absence of f athers in a family, and its negative effect on children (Leving, 2007). The most important reason for the absence of fathers in families is short or long term imprisonment. This example proves the importance of parenting programs in US Prison systems.As prisoners lead an quarantined life in prisons, it is important to implement wedding party and Relationship Education Programs under Parenting Programs in Prison Systems. Short or long term imprisonment badly affects father- child/ husband spouse similarity and it is the duty of prison authorities to implement effective measures to improve marital relation through educational programs in prison systems. In the US prison system, there are a number of Marriage and Relationship Education Programs.The Prevention and Relationship Education Program or PREP helps couples to develop tight marriage bonds. The goal of PREP is to negative patterns in marital relationships and to inculcate individual, emotional and

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