Tuesday, April 16, 2019

As momentum gathers Essay Example for Free

As caprice gathers Es pleadAs we know from Act 1 throne has committed criminal conversation with Abigail Williams, at this spirit level Elizabeth has not forgiven him, sees Abigail as a threat, and does not trust outhouse She has an arrow in you yet JohnJohn does try to make it up to Elizabeth but is it only when they are both threatened with termination/imprisonment that they both really show their love for each other.JohnI will fall like an marine on that court In addition, when they are both in prison He pats her make it she covers his hand with hers. capital of Oregons problems begin when Abigail along with her cousin and friends are seen dancing and practicing voodoo in the forest. In an attempt to get under ones skin them selves out of trouble (as both are very sinful actions) the girls accuse others in the partnership of witchcraft. As momentum gathers, villagers turn against each other in a desire to save themselves but similarly use the situation in a vicious attempt to settle old scores. John having verbalize to Abigail Williams before the accusations started knows that Abigail has lied, because when he told her that the town was rumbling witchcraft and replied oh posh We were dancin in the woods expiry iniquity and my uncle leaped in on us. She took fright thats all.John hesitates to speak out because he is afraid of publically admitting his adultery and the effect it will score on his good name and his relationship with his wife and friends. Here he is showing no goodness at all because he is putting his self-preservation above averagey and what he knows he should morally do. His fear is allowing unjust and untrue accusations to continue.By the time he comes to his senses and tells the truth numerous pile have been imprisoned including his own wife (who is there because of Abigail Williams maliciousness and desire to have John to herself) and some have already been hanged. It is too late to undo the wrong and too late to dism iss it continuing.John and Elizabeth are re-united in prison after three months separation and their relationship has changed. It is now honest and they both have more goodness. Elizabeth forgives John for his adultery by admitting that she was cold within the marriage I counted myself so plain, so poorly made, no honest love could come to me I never knew how to say my love. It were a cold house I kept You take my sins upon you She also goes against her strict religious principles and lies thought process this will save her husband but it has totally the opposite effect.John does not think he is worthy enough to die like his friends because he serene feels guilt for his sins I stoogenot mount the gallous like a saint. It is a fraud. My honesty is broke, I am no good man, Nothings spoiled by giving them this lie that were not rotten long before So he begins by confessing that he saw the devil but then Elizabeth forgiveness makes him realise that this is the wrong moral decision b ecause it would be calling his friends liars. He will now die but has chosen the truth at get For now I do think I see a shred of goodness in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to concord it from such dogsThere is a moral story though out the play. If John Proctor had told the community in the beginning that Abigail Williams was lying before the situation had escalated I think the fate of the whole of Salem would have been very different. If he had not have committed adultery he would not have hesitated. He did not have the courage to be judged for his sin and as result allowed innocent people to suffer.I think that John and Elizabeth Proctor are heroes because they were killed for their friends and religion and were killed for something they did not do but still took the punishment.To summarize I would say that John now has his Goodness because he has told the truth at last and Elizabeth feels she has no right to influence his morally correct decisi on in any way. He can therefore he can die a good man, with his conscience clear, ready to meet God.

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