Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Florida Fast Track program Essay

Time is very valuable, and if there is a way of using it efficiently, and gaining the most in the shortest time possible, that is the way I would go. Florida Tech’s Fast Tack program gives me this opportunity, to be very efficient in my overall attaining of a masters degree. Being part of the program will help me achieve my goals, faster and earlier than I expect. Taking this program gives me an advantage of being able to qualify for the scholarship award during the fifth year as a full time student (Financial Aid, 2010). This also means that if I get a scholarship award during my undergraduate I can keep it if I undertake the fast track program. This will help me a lot in financing the masters program too. I will also have a head-start in my career, way before my colleagues who are taking the traditional program. This will go a long way in helping me serve my fellow citizens as soon as possible, for I have a great desire to work to benefit them through my career. The program will therefore enhance my fast growth to attaining qualification in this career. The program is also diverse and not specific to any course among those offered in the university. Through this, my choice is also catered for. By stating, â€Å"FastTrack is open to all undergraduates and is comprised of the following combined, accelerated degree programs†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Fast Track Masters’ Program, 2010), the admission department of Florida Tech makes it clear that the courses being offered at undergraduate level are available at masters’ level. I will therefore be happy to be part of the family of the Florida Technical College, and pursue my dream career. The other good thing about this program is that it is designed in a way to give full attention to the individual student. I will therefore be able to interact closely with my instructors to help me grasp the concepts very well. In addition to this, the program has nationally recognized certification, which gives me confidence in working through it to get the degree (Fast – Track a Career in Medical Assisting, 2010). I therefore know that I will have no problem getting a place in the corporate world in my career.

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