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Restaurant management Essay Example For Students

Restaurant management Essay My interview is with a manager of a restaurant, the restaurant can have as many as 75 customers, and staff of 14. The restaurant served your everyday American food. The person whom I interviewed started as an assistant manager at the young age of 27. He has been a manager for the restaurant for the past 7 years. I considered him a Functional Manager because of the definition in the book, i. e. He supervises the work of employees whom engages in different specialties, such as waiters/waitress, kitchen help, accounting, and quality control. But in the same realm he is considered a General Manager because he oversees the operations, helps in solving problems, spotting problems before they occur and insuring the safety of all employees and customers. He decided to become a manager because he felt that he could motivate people, and help them realize their potential. He decided to become a restaurant manager because he enjoyed being around food and that type of fast pace environment. When interviewing this person it became very evident that he is an effective manger because he possesses many key managerial skills. If a manager wants to prevent her employees from quitting she must keep them happy and in order to do that she must focus on what the employee wants. Combining my personal experience with the data that I researched, I have written this report on the two most important standards that I feel a restaurant manager must enact to keep her employees turnover to a minimum. The two criteria that I feel a manager must follow in order to successfully retain her smiling quality employees are employee incentives and training. This report was written in five weeks using the following data: two personal interviews, online information and books. Ive had personal experience in the restaurant business for eleven years. In that time I have worked in seven different restaurants. The managers that ran these establishments had very diverse managerial styles. Their managerial styles ranged from the employees running the place to the management acting like they were the restaurant police. According to Robert Plotkin, NO ONE CAN MAKE OR (sic) break a place like the manager (2000, online). None of the different supervision tactics that I have worked under seemed to help keep employee turnover down. The majority of the individually owned restaurants that I am familiar with are run and managed by the owners themselves. As a restaurant employee I feel that servers and bartenders need more of an incentive to be employer loyal than just making tips. Cash is not enough of a motivational factor for employees to not leave one institution to work for another. Restaurants that implement incentive programs tend to have employee turnover rates that are lower than the national average. When I state incentive programs Im talking about employee health benefits, and reward strategies. Restaurants such as Chevys and Chi-Chis continually develop benefit and incentive programs, that help make their turnover rates the envy of the industry (Weinstein, 1992, online). If a supervisor offered her employees health benefits her employee retention rate would increase dramatically. Among the perks at Chi-Chis restaurant is medical insurance for part-timers who work at least 20 hours a week. A lot of part-time employees stay with us because of the medical benefits, says Talarico, vice president of training and development for Chi-Chis, Louisville, Ky (Weinstein, 1992, online). I spoke with Marc Uelmen the manager of Mongolian BBQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan and he said, because Mongolian offers our employees medical and dental we are able to keep our employees from leaving and going to work at another restaurant (Uelmen, Interview). I believe that a manager should offer health benefits to all her employees that work on average at least 20 hours a week. Of the several different establishments I have worked at in restaurant career only one of them offered employee health benefits. Employee incentives like health insurance not only keeps employee turnover down but it would also make employees more productive. 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